Below is a list of the principle authors and contributors of this website.

Michael Basham

Michael Basham

Michael Basham is the founder of this website and has the spiritual gift of prophecy. Michael gives people personal prophecies on this website and he is also a researcher and writer. Michael researchers various Christian resources, and posts various Christian articles and videos on the site, he also researchers other topics related to: conspiracies, politics and current events. Michael is a member of the Christian missionary organization, “The Family International,” and was at one stage a full time family disciple (FD) missionary. Michael is currently involved in missionary and charity work in various parts of Asia. He is also a qualified English teacher and University graduate. Michael currently operates another wordpress blog called: starsword, and he also operates a youtube channel called: keyblades.



James Arendt

James Arendt

James Arendt operates a website called: and has been investigating conspiracy theories for a number of years. James has been referenced by a variety of well known conspiracy researchers, and he is currently involved in writing articles related to the Protestant reformation. James lives in Japan and is involved in Christian missionary evangelism, and often uses the method of hitchhiking to meet new people he can share the gospel of Jesus Christ with. James is a Protestant born again Christian and is also a member of the Christian missionary group, “The Family International.”




The Individual

Private Author

“The Private author” is a private person who was invited by Michael Basham, to write articles on the, Warriors Without Borders website.


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