This site is a prototype communal witnessing arena, which endeavors to pool the multitalented outreach methods of a wide range of Christians.

I myself coming from the TFI point of view on things, have a heavy taste for the New Weapons of the Spirit and also the Endtime perspective on things.  However I believe as more people come in and contribute we will have a wide range of both milk and meat.  By milk I mean the basic Word of God, and by the Meat I mean strategic spiritual warfare type stuff as well as prophecy and news dealing with the Enemy’s movements across the globe.

Are you in either of these camps?  Then you are welcome to join!

If you’re interested in getting on board here, please email me at howdyspacecowboy@yahoo.com and let’s talk!

I have found from my personal more messy blogging experience at starsword.wordpress.com (and several years ago at the now defunct (gleefulspiritualcoveofheavenlybooty.wordpress.com) that constant posting equals more web traffic, and hence more witness as long as our focus is spreading the Gospel and winning disciples.

Also another thing I have found at my youtube channel  that more people these days seem to listen or watch videos than they do read.  Thus, if anyone out there is interested in sharing stories/articles/testimonies of a faith-filled nature then I would encourage you to start up your own youtube channel and then start linking your individual uploads here.  This has been an exciting and unusual witnessing method that has led to some very special fruit in the last couple of years.

ONE LAST THING!!  There are tons of people out there looking for personal prophecy free online.  This is something they usually key in search engines and it’s one area I have not been faithful with in my previous blog.   However!  If there are more than a couple people with this prophetic gift with access to this site then I believe it could turn into a very intimate online witnessing experience.  Do you have the gift of hearing from the Lord?  This is the main focus of this site.  Pray about it, and if you’re interested then let’s start reaching out with these very convenient tools at our fingertips!  Thanks for reading this, and God bless you, and let’s be drop-outs for Jesus till the End!!


Michael Basham


3 thoughts on “About!

  1. Hi Michael, Greetings in Love. TY for your article on ‘Revelations of my interview with a former persecutor & hater of TFI.’ I admire your ministry & will be praying for you. Yes, people change. David Berg prophesized that many former members would come back during the later days. Personally, I just love the TFI since the reboot. Sure I miss the widespread communal living, but the freedom now is fantastic, to follow & obey the Lord. I’ve been involved almost since the beginning (Nov.’69) & love TFI as it is now. You can join up & live and work with others if you like or whatever and however the Lord leads you. There is a home in Houston, Texas and there in Uganda, among other places, that are wonderful samples. We are just 2, & Maria is handicapped, which limits us somewhat. But we made do & witness daily as we get out & about. My profile is there on the TFI portal. I love how nonmembers can have almost complete access to the TFI portal. The Lord is good & the membership requirements are just a couple in number. Abner in India gave me your link. He has spoken to me a number of times about you. Keep up the great work. Love & prayers, Marc

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  2. Hi Michael
    Saw you on YouTube. I have been listening to Benjamin Baruch and got you! Wonderful accident! You had mentioned a David Berg? Very interested in knowing more about him and kiss ministry. Could you please hook me up to his ministry? Ty. Also what was transforming about going to Nepal? We are considering living there for a bit…would love your prospective on this. Shalom and blessings

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    • Wow thanks, we should definitely talk on a call sometime,,, if you’re going to Nepal we have good friends there…. kiss ministry may be another thing, but I’m working with many different ministries all of which I would join full time if given the chance and cloning tech! Lol


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