The Family International (TFI) Is Part of The Illuminati

After extensive research, investigation and observation; it seems that TFI is currently a part of the Illuminati. I received conclusive evidence about this recently and cannot go into detail as I don’t wish to reveal sources. But I can explore logical known evidence about how TFI became absorbed into the Illuminati.

Not too long ago I observed TFI leaders engaged in a mind control program with the Illuminati. I do know some people in the Illuminati as I infiltrated the Illuminati in the past and try to keep an eye on them.

This is also not an article meant to slander TFI or all of its members. There are many genuine Christians who have been members and affiliates of TFI, and many members of TFI have legitimately led people to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

This is also not an article meant to exalt Lucifer or the Illuminati, but its an article meant to display the genius of the Holy Spirit and the ignorance of Lucifer’s followers. Its also an article which does not remain ignorant of Satan’s devices, but rather exposes them.

There are many people in TFI who hand out tracts and lead people to salvation, but many of these people are not actually Christians. They are members of the Illuminati and use their Christian missionary status to cover their Luciferian and Illuminati activities. These people are not saved, but they are leading people to salvation by handing out Bibles and excerpts from the Bible. God’s word is anointed and even a devil can lead someone to salvation. If God can use a donkey to communicate to humanity as he did in the Bible, he can definitely use a wolf in sheep’s clothing to get his word out.

TFI seems to be operating like the Church of Latter day saints (Mormon Church) at present. In the past, the enemies of the Ordo Templi Orientis (a principle Illuminati organisation) were spied on by missionaries from the Mormon Church, as the Illuminati controlled the Mormon Church and used it as a cover for its activities. According to Bill Schnoebelen (former Satanist and high level Freemason) the Mormon Church is also a known safe space and refuge for high level members of the Illuminati. Illuminati members often take the status of missionaries in this church while engaging in Illuminati activities.

TFI is currently operating in this manner and many of its missionaries are Illuminati agents. However I’m sure there were many legitimate saved Christians in TFI, because God’s word is anointed and if you genuinely believe you are saved.

At present I live in a Western country and I would say that over 70% of Chrisitan churches/fellowships here are controlled by the Illuminati.

You do not need to join an organisation to become a Christian. There is only one church on earth and that church is the church of Jesus Christ. Once you believe in the gospel and are saved, you automatically become a member of that church. Its a spiritual church without buildings, structure or hierarchy. Members of this invisible church span the world and many members of this church are in Illuminati organisations, whether knowingly (not everyone in the Illuminati are evil) or unknowingly. Its the heart of the person that matters. I personally am not a member of any church or organisation, but I occasionally fellowship with people from various fellowships controlled by the Illuminati; as stated its the heart of the person that matters. Its going to be a bizarre scenario when many people go to Heaven and discover their Pastors and missionary leaders are in hell. An Illuminati agent preaching the gospel to cover their evil activities can lead people to salvation, but in the end, the deception and joke will come back to haunt them, when they find themselves in hell. Although these Illuminati agents think they are cunning by pretending to be Christian evangelists to hide their true purpose, they will eventually discover that God used them to spread his word that brings eternal life, while they refused to repent and ended up in eternal torments. Many Christians will not see their Pastors in Heaven. It has been confirmed to be recently that some current leaders in TFI are members of the Illuminati and are neither saved nor Christian (However they pretend to be).

When Did TFI Became Involved with The Illuminati?

Senior TFI/COG Member Marries Into Illuminati Family

There are two pieces of evidence that suggest TFI has some kind of relationship with the Illuminati.

The first scenario occurred when a senior female member of TFI married an Italian Duke. Older members of TFI will remember that many decades ago when TFI was called Children of God (COG), a female member of the group married an Italian Duke. Its possible she married into the highest bloodlines of the Illuminati. Italian royalty are higher than the Rothschilds within the Illuminati. Italian royalty are the Roman bloodlines that control the Illuminati at the very top with the Jesuit Order. Italian Royalty occasionally intermarry with the Rothschild’s. In the 1970’s, COG/TFI member, Barbara, married Emanuele Canevaro who was the Italian Duke of Zoagli and Castelvari.

Upon investigation, Canevaro seems to be a member of the Imperial Roman Nobility bloodlines. His family has a history of being Vatican Knights in the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, which was commissioned by the House of Savoy and the Holy Roman Empire. The House of Savoy is high level Illuminati. The Illuminati was founded by the Jesuit Order and Roman Nobility Bloodlines. If you look at the research of Craig Oxley from and the research of TFI member James Arendt (aka: James Japan), you will clearly observe that the Illuminati is completely controlled by the Roman Empire (Jesuit Order, Papal Knighthoods, Roman Nobility Bloodlines). The Illuminati was founded by a Jesuit Priest named Adam Weishaupt. You simply cannot be Italian Royalty without being a member of the Illuminati. Barbara’s marriage to Canevaro (who joined COG/TFI) definitely formed a connection with the Illuminati). In conclusion to this matter, if you are an Italian royal bloodline and hold a royal title, you are definitely a high level member of the Illuminati.

I am not going to write an essay on the hierarchy of the Illuminati, but it has been proven that the: Roman Nobility Bloodlines, Jesuit Order and Papal Knighthoods are at the very top of the Illuminati. For those wanting more information about this, feel free to investigate the documented research of: Eric Jon Phelps, Craig Oxley and TFI member James Arendt (James Japan). The Rothschild’s have historically been known as ‘Guardians of the Papal Treasury,’ for they are submitted to the Jesuit Order and Roman Nobility in the Illuminati; and manage their wealth. TFI definitely had a high level Illuminati member join their group and marry one of its senior members.

David Berg (aka: Moses David) & The Rosicrucian Order

In some of David Berg’s Mo Letters (method of TFI/COG communication) he discusses the Rosicrucian Order and their symbology. He discusses the spiritual and philosophical components of the Rosicrucian Orders identity etc. This is interesting, because the Rosicrucian Order is a major part of the Illuminati and most secret societies that form the Illuminati are based on Rosicrucianism. This may suggest Berg got involved with the Rosicrucian Order or had some relationship with them at one time, and this could have opened the door to members of the Illuminati getting involved with COG/TFI.

Its quiet possible the Illuminati has been in control of TFI for a long time. TFI started out as an open evangelical/missionary/musical group, then it became a semi-closed group and now it has become a closed secret society. According to evidence I have seen (which I cannot disclose for security reasons), TFI currently operates as a closed secret society within the Illuminati. An inner core of TFI are currently working with the Illuminati in various activities while using their missionary activities as a cover. TFI members deemed unprofitable for the Illuminati have been shut out by the inner core. Its likely not everyone in the inner core is working knowingly for the Illuminati, some people may be married to Illuminati operatives or close friends of Illuminati agents and are allowed in the inner core. High level Freemasons and Illuminati agents regularly marry non-Illuminatists, such was the case with Noreen Gosche’s husband, who had a connection to Illuminati mind controller Michael Aquino, who helped kidnap Gosche’s son for the MKULTRA/CIA/Illuminati mind control program. There is a similar thing happening in TFI which manifests into: custody battles, remarriages and new de-facto relationships. I have seen evidence that TFI currently works with the Illuminati in mind control activities.

TFI is probably operating in the following way. You probably have Illuminati agents in leadership positions, and then below them you have a mixture of Illuminati members and people fully submitted to the Illuminati agents in the inner core. Some inner core members may not be in the Illuminati, but they are under the control of Illuminati agents and submit to them for status and benefits. As stated previously, its very likely Illuminati agents are married to genuine Christian’s in TFI.

The Masonic chessboard symbol of black and white squares symbolises control of light and darkness (The Black Pope and The White Pope. This is also known as Rome’s Spiritual Power). The black pope (Jesuit General) controls organised: Satanism, Black Magic, the Illuminati and Freemasonry (The high degrees of Freemasonry were written by the Jesuits at the Jesuit College of Clermont and in Prussia) in the darkness, while the White Pope claims to be the vicar of Jesus Christ (Lucifer uses the black Pope who controls the white Pope to wrestle control of God’s Kingdom by claiming to be the authority of Jesus Christ) in the light and the authority of: charity, religion and goodness. This duality system of black and white comes from the Egyptian mystery schools (the origins of the Illuminati) and is known as the Egyptian duality system, and involves Illuminati control of death and harmony. This takeover of harmony (benevolent groups) and death (Satanic groups) has been described by Branton as a Masonic virus.

The Pope who is a major tool of the Illuminati and is controlled by the Black Pope commands spiritual (religious) and temporal (political) power over the world, and this includes all religions of the world (including Protestantism/Bible based Christianity, Islam etc). After Rome lost its power after the Protestant reformation (a worldwide revelation that put God’s word into the hands of common man and they realised they did not need priests or religious leaders), Rome and the Jesuit Order have been trying to reclaim their lost empire by submitting all religious groups into a one world religion. These religious groups are controlled by the Jesuit Order through stealth (Freemasonry and secret society control) or through the ecumenical movement (overt unification of religious groups). Branton has called this stealth takeover of religious and spiritual groups a Masonic (Scottish Rite) virus.

Which Leaders in TFI are Illuminati Agents?

I do know a few leaders in TFI who are active members in the Illuminati but I do not wish to name them. Regarding Karen Zerby and Peter Amsterdam, I do not know if they are Illuminati agents.

From what I have seen in recent months, TFI has been absorbed into the Illuminati completely and regularly engages in operations with the Illuminati to achieve their goals. Although many think TFI has gone into a reboot and disbanded, this is not entirely true. There is a secret core of TFI working together on a regular basis for the Illuminati while using their missionary status as a cover.


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