The Enemy is Subtly Introducing Luciferianism into the Very Fabric of Our Society… BUT…

Karen Lane recently shared her thoughts on an interview I did with Truth Seekah:

I was into the whole drug scene before I became a Christian, all of my friends were a bunch of hippies and part of the fringe and drugs were very much part of the scene back then and so we got into experimenting with all kinds of drugs and it was fun for a while until I saw where it was all leading. It’s all about mind expanding experience and chasing the ultimate high and so you find that weed just don’t cut it for you after a while and you want to go higher still and so it progresses onto tripping out on psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms (not a pleasant experience!), to taking amphetamines, LSD, and eventually the seedier side of the drug scene where people resort to injecting into their veins! I tried it all, even the last one one time! and thank God, that was a wake up call for me, all my friends were taking that route and I dread to imagine where I would be now if I’d followed them because a lot of them aren’t even alive now, either literally through overdose or because they’ve become zombified by years of drug abuse and eventual addiction and are now trapped in that cycle. But God had other plans for me and it was about that time that I met an amazing Spirit filled Child of God who told me all about Jesus and it was like WOW, there is something supernaturally different about this person! he was so filled with the Holy Spirit that when I looked into his eyes it was like looking into the eyes of an angel and I knew that my life was about to change from that point onwards, that the love of God I found through this person was what I’d been searching for my whole life, and so I asked Jesus, the Lord of Love into my heart and now I know that there is no drug or experience on this whole earth that can ever compare with the supernatural love of God. So anyone who is looking for an experience, just ask Jesus into your heart, He can take you so high in the Spirit that it’s like taking a trip out of this world and you’ll never even consider taking drugs again as you’ll have something so much better, so much more real and you’ll have the spiritual yardstick to be able to compare and see through all these other cheap substitutes for what they really are – just substitutes for the real that will only leave you empty but with Jesus in your heart you’ll have living water and you’ll never thirst again! So please don’t anyone even consider taking drugs, it’s not what God wants for you, it doesn’t lead to anywhere good, and He has so much more for you! . . . the focus should be more on relationship and bettering our self as a person, learning to love and give more, being more patient, kind, self-sacrificial and serving and less about all of these experiences that people are claiming to have. I can’t help but see a lot of pride in it all because it puts the focus on the person who is claiming to have them so rather than lifting up Jesus, they are just lifting up themselves and focusing the attention on themselves and that’s the very opposite of being spiritual – it’s Jesus that people should be seeing and not us! It’s people like your friends here that go out faithfully giving out tracts that are getting it right (in that respect anyway) because there is no glory in it, people hardly even notice in fact, but God does and He loves people like that that just do for Him and Him alone so rather than seeking all of these experiences, people should consider Jesus words when He said, “…if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” It should be – Jesus, and others, and then US – and not the other way around!
 INDEED!  The world is being sucked into this internet age and everything is about me-me-me i-this and i-that and selfie and selfish and glorification of the self to no end.  What about lifting up the Lord?  I believe in lifting up each other in certain ways we also show respect to Him.  Not in the sense of man-worship but in seeing what Jesus is doing in my brother I am oftentimes able to bless him and the work God is doing through him.  Last night I spoke with my dear brother “Spirit-Hacker” Gene and we marveled at the fact that we could just talk on the FB phone for hours in a call that would otherwise have cost hundreds of dollars in the days of yore, but now is free.  Fellowship through the internet has entered a new spectrum and we can expect it to continue to go farther.  At the same time Luciferianism and sucking people into their own little death trap of self-promotion from morning to night is also being heightened.  There will be an amazing spiritual war around this, I feel, but meanwhile we can as Christians definitely fellowship and use the webs of the A.C. system to get a lot done!

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