Mysterious “239” in Hollywood and Confirmation!


Last night I did a show with Tony Floyd in which we did some “Spirit Wars” into Hollywood and prayed about the entire scandal going on there.  I grabbed this screen shot from Drudge front page, as the whole scandal with the pedophiles is all over the news.


This was after a morning where I talked with my friend Jason who keeps seeing the number 239 everywhere.  He saw it literally while we were talking, too.  He just can’t stop seeing this number239

Then today my friend Rozzy shows me this video.  Rozzy Regalado is truly a prophetess.  So often she will say or see or share something that is right exactly what I am thinking about.

The video she sent had this scene with Hollywood breaking down, the famous sign falling apart.


And then look what she said. . . . my gosh, stuff’s gettin’ weird man!  Not sure what to say, but it’s definitely a time to stay in the Word and stay close to God.   Miracles like this are just happening faster and faster at the rate that I can’t even keep on top of them all.  More will come, as the Lord unveils the Kingdom and the Enemy loses his grip through deceit and darkness.


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