Recent Enemies Exposed by Visions from Brother Williamson!


Spirit behind the accusations. Emphasis is on the mouth and teeth. Let’s go to the courts of Heaven on this!


Saw an Asian samurai type standing outside window. My discernment said not to trust it. I bound it where it stood and took my pen as a sword and cut the roots. The face was behind a triangular mask with horns. Stood 8 to 9 feet tall. When I bound it it shook and struggled to move but could not (subject to authority in Christ). Cut the roots and told it to get out of here. Then when I closed my eyes (yes they were open, samurai character is real in pattern before me) I saw the following sketch.


I am reposting this because my brother Richard has had some really powerful revelations before, and sometimes just by exposing a certain angle or reality of these guys you can throw down their thrones and ruin their plans!

Recently we did a show on Fringe Radio about exposing some specific names on demons — specifically Neville Johnson’s prophecy brought up a ton of details, which you can find out for yourself how they will play out in the coming months!   Bless you.  . .


2 thoughts on “Recent Enemies Exposed by Visions from Brother Williamson!

  1. Kara (prophetictimelines) and Laurel (50shadesofpissedoff) have both reported being under heavy attack lately – and as hard as it may be for some to believe, “Christians” are Satan’s best weapons right now.


  2. If you’re going to talk Revelation, Mike, check out my post the other day on Revelation 1 as translated from Hebrew – see if you pick up a glaringly obvious drastic difference from all toher English for sure, but likely all other languages, versions


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