​MESSAGE FROM JESUS ​​OF UNITY AND UNION (Received by Irving Groupp)

The night before yesterday, I lay down thinking of the need for a greater and deeper unity that our International family needs, which a few years ago was disarticulated in its previous form, had a strong restlessness and I lay beseeching the Lord to speak to me that Night for dreams or whatever, and I fell asleep. When it was 4:10 am yesterday 4 July 2017, I woke up suddenly and suddenly a strong thought and image took over my mind: UNITY and then UNION. I knew it was the Lord answering my prayer, Then I spoke inwardly and said: A few days ago I placed in your heart that you share a single sentence: Unity, and now I tell you to share this message of Union, Unity was the idea and Union is the action. As you have learned from your father David, My Word gives you strength for battle and Unity multiplies your strength. Even though you are alone and weak together with Me and my Words you can be strong, But now is the time to put into action the unity of the children of David through the union of your hearts in Me, Therefore for the final scene of the time of the government of man on earth; For the children of David, those who have been tried and found faithful and faithful and obeying even my most extreme and unusual will, as Abraham your father did, I have prepared a Loop of Union, a belt of power that will give them strength and The gifts necessary to survive, to face the wicked and his last government and to assist my people in all the earth. This UNION TIE is also a strategy to multiply your strength in Me, union is the action that sets in motion two or more units that adhere to one another. I want to set in motion a common and simultaneous plan of memorization and review of verses and promises of the keys. One or two verses a day that is the same for all, repeating it 10 or more times in the day until it is recorded in the mind for some will be memorized, for others a review, but just as they will be united. Those who create and obey this initiative will automatically be united with a vision, the same feeling, an ideal and a common goal, it may seem childish to them as much as they might have seemed to Gedeon’s 300. It is a strategy that in principle will leave the enemy baffled. Everyone decides to do it or not but I warn you that those who choose to stay out of this venture may be lacking in the power that comes from My Word and your obedience and unity. Remember that union is strength. I, Jesus, offer you to unite with a truly concrete bond. I, Jesus, am the Living Word, which is from beginning to eternity, the most powerful instrument the Father has, I am Alpha and Omega, heaven and earth will pass , But My Words will not pass. This binding bond enables you not only to defeat a thousand demons but to 10,000. So I ask the Father again to be one as the Father and I are One. The power that the Union generates is a fundamental principle of the spiritual world and also of the physical world, and the enemy knows it, so it tries to keep my children united in only formalisms and good wishes, very weak ties compared with The Word and the Obedience that have irrevocable strength. In a single door two sides you will find, I am inside, where are you?. This is the message that I received also ordered me to make sure that it is seen by the Whole Family from the directors to the brothers of the Extended Family and I Warned that some will say: Ha! That is how the methods of the past of the Family now each has to act according to their faith “or their lack of faith? The more you are not like Jonas, you give the message and that each of life. I will take care of acting in the heart of my children, I love them all, I love them and I want them to be happy and well prepared. End of the message of Jesus. Good night to everyone, God bless. “


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