To My Soldier with Love

  (Vision:) I see Jesus in battle gear, walking into an army tent. It’s nighttime. There’s a soldier sitting on a cot. The soldier has been in battle and is a bit scruffy looking and dirty. The soldier has been crying, and looks up when he hears Jesus entering.

2. Jesus has a look of deep concern on His face. He strides up to the cot and immediately drops to His knees. He begins to speak, His voice choked with emotion. (End of vision.)

3. (Jesus:) My dearest soldier, My beloved friend, My comrade in arms, the joy of My heart–I have been thinking about you every second of every day. Not a moment has gone by since the war started that you haven’t been on My mind. Not only have you been in My thoughts, but you have been in My line of vision. And you have always, always been within arm’s reach. In fact, even when you felt the farthest from Me, I could never have been closer to you.

4. I’m here now, My friend, to remind you that I have been there with you through every battle, every ambush, every daring attack, every defense, and every offense. I was there when your plans went awry. I was there when the Enemy was routed due to your bravery and persistence. I gave you the grace to face each fight and endure it. I was there when you suffered hefty blows, and I helped you to get up again after every blow. I was there when you received the deep wounds, and it was My hands that sustained you as your wounds healed.

5. You cannot feel Me, touch Me, or see Me, but just like the air that you breathe, I have been the most constant element in your life, your most loyal companion in every conflict. Even when you stepped out of the tent in the middle of the night to face a foe, a personal battle, I walked with you.

6. I have ridden into every battle with you. I was your right arm, your shield, your helmet, and your weapon of war. You could not have been separated from Me even if you tried. I’m your general, yes, but I’m also your big brother and your inseparable friend. I love you so very, very deeply.

7. I had to come to you now to remind you, before the morning dawns, that I love you. I saw that weary look in your eyes, and I couldn’t wait a moment longer. I couldn’t let you pass through this night without being reminded that this battle will not last forever. You won’t be living on the battlefield forever. Your time on Earth is but a second in comparison to eternity–and in the eternal future, you will be living in victory.

8. To help remind you of the victory and of your brilliant future, I wanted to bring you something special. This, My love, is the flag of victory. Open it with Me; I want you to see the brilliance of what this flag signifies. On this flag is embroidered every single victory that you will personally win. Right now you’re experiencing the battles, but this flag shows you the picture of victory that all of these battles will bring. This flag is made of heavenly materials, threads of gold and silver inlaid with precious stones–rubies, diamonds, sapphires, onyx, opal and emeralds.

9. I have created this flag for you, My dear friend. I wove it with My Own hands. As I went over the blueprint of your life, I made careful note of each battle and difficulty you would face and of the desired fruit and victories that those tough times would bring. Then, with the vision of those victories in mind, I created this tapestry. I sang as I worked, and My songs of your victories and conquests became a part of this victor’s flag. My songs of victory are those gold and silver threads that you see throughout the design of this flag.

10. Here, let Me wrap this flag of victory around your shoulders. It is not only to remind you that victories will be won through the battles, but to prove to you that you have victory. I want to repeat that: You have victory. This does not mean you will have the victory, but that you do have the victory.

11. I want you to know without a doubt that you have victory. You already have victory in anything and everything because you have Me, the King of Victory, the essence of victory, the soul of victory. I am giving you this flag in the spirit as a reminder that indeed the victory is yours. It’s been written in the books of Heaven. I declared it before you were born. This flag, which exists for you here in My Kingdom, declares your victory, states your conquests, and shouts out to the armies of Satan: “I have victory! I hold victory! I breathe victory! I obtain victory!”

12. I wanted to show you this flag, My valiant soldier, because I want you to visualize it and remind yourself of the victory that you have been assured of in Me. Remind yourself of it when your faith flickers low and the battles rage ferociously. Wave this flag of victory in Satan’s face when he threatens to overwhelm you with his evil hordes. When My songs of victory are ringing in your mind and heart, Satan cannot stand, let alone fight, against that victorious sound; he must fall on his knees and declare defeat.

13. You cannot be defeated, My soldier. Oh, I know how oppressive these recent battles have been. Your shoulders are so heavy, your knees are weak, and your heart is weary. But I am in you and with you, and it is written that you will overcome. It is promised. You have but to remember it and claim those promises. I want the knowledge of this flag of victory that is around your shoulders and that I created especially for you to strengthen your feeble knees, enlighten your darkness, enrich your heart, and renew your strength.

14. This flag is a symbol of My promise–that I am with you in every fight. As you picture this flag flying high as you head into battle, or clutching it to your chest when you climb those craggy cliffs, or wrapping it around your shoulders when you need warmth and comfort, I will be singing you songs of victory, and songs of My faith in you–a faith that was uttered before you were even created.

15. You can stand under this flag when you feel you need a boost of staying power, when you feel you need surcease from the battle. Just say, “Jesus, You have given me the flag of victory–now prove to me in some way how this victory is assured, how it will come about, and what I can expect to see when it happens.” I will show you the victories to come. All you have to do is ask. Every single victory is portrayed in your flag; all you have to do is picture yourself unfurling it, and there you will see that every battle will eventually be won. There is a victory for you in every situation–I have not missed a single experience.

16. My love, I am so happy and excited to be able to share with you this reminder of victory! You look outstanding wrapped in such victorious, brilliant material. You look majestic and heavenly! Your face looks brighter already! You’re smiling now, and look, some of those bruises are healing miraculously.

17. Yes, victory fills you with strength. This is how you can keep the victor’s outlook. This is how you can stay focused on the light. This is how you can keep pressing forward even in the midst of the darkest battle and fiercest carnage–by holding on to My promise of victory, and knowing, absolutely knowing, that your victory is assured, that you have victory.

18. Say it out loud, right now: “I have victory!” Say it again! “I have victory!” What do you have victory over? Think of that battle you’re facing, or those many different battles you’re facing, and with each one say to Me: “I have victory!” Yes, you do! You have victory over each of those battles. I have made you victorious!

19. Now, My love, will you pass the night in faith? Picture yourself resting comfortably with the flag of victory surrounding you. You don’t ever have to let your victory be taken from you. As long as you hold on to it in faith, carry it high in faith, and use it in faith, it can never be lost to you.

You hold the victor’s flag, and thus you shall not fail.

You hear the victor’s song, so let your faith be strong!

Raise your voice, lift your eyes, step forth with heart of praise!

The battlefield is yours to conquer, so let your flag be raised!

20. And, no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to pass the night with you, just as I always have before, and just as I always will. As the King of Victory, My rightful place is here with you, My soldier of victory.

21. I am your victory, and with My arms around you, there is no way you can be defeated. I am the victory that overcame the world, and with this victory in your heart, you too will overcome the world.

22. I love you, My dearest, and I plan to tend to your every ache, pain and bruise tonight. I plan to make you a new creature by the morrow. I plan to wash you clean of everything of this past year that has hurt or stained you. I plan to restore health unto you and to heal you of your wounds.

23. Lie still tonight and be content to dream. There is nothing that you have to do to enable this healing and restoration to take place. You just have to rest with Me and I’ll stay up the whole night long, massaging, healing, restoring, cleansing, and renewing you. I love you. Let Me give you rest. Listen to the songs entwined in the victor’s flag, and be prepared to awaken to a new day of restoration and renewal.

24. I love you, My soldier, My friend, My companion, and My fellow victor! You mean all the world to Me. You were the greatest victory that I ever won, and I promise to be your greatest victory forever!

With all My love, all My Spirit, all My heart, all My longing,

Your King of Victory, Jesus

Copyright © 2008 by The Family International

By Maria FD/MM/FM 3729 10/08


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