A masterful peek at a major revelation revealed in the coming new book:  

If the many divisible flames of creation were unmessaged the complex integration of what exists presently would not have existed today. Universes are forever.  They live long and sleep long, then awakened from their long sleep when loosened by the power of lattilution a universe begins anew as a new born universe. 
From each universe, entering a compression point of plurality into a sleep, is contributed a syntone codex, message locked in a vacuum of suspended timelessness. Messages about nearly every historical aspect of that universe.  When that universe, becoming compressed to a suspension point of plural oneness (sometimes called a singularity) begins to unfold, there can be found the “syntone” in the form as “Energy Dots”.  One day, a people in the “Age of Iron” will gain the knowledge to find and read those syntone energy dots.  
Who would ever suspect that this “squeezed to less than a pin point color of silence”, and having no depth, once was a universe, but now is lying as an inexistence, bound in a state of compressed immaterialized formlessness? 
Out in the far beyond… abides the inexhaustible, inextinguishable infinity, called “0” + – “The First Domain” abiding as pure energy, which is a total opposite existence to what a universe is.    The riddle to know and understand these quizzes seems to the human masses hopelessly perplexing.   
The brain slates of humans are mostly blank as to knowledge about the “domatron affect” of the “First Domain”, and how that universes are attracted to the First Domain.  When a universe in suspended sleep experiences the “torque of release” (sometimes called the “Big Bang”) it is immediately drawn to the energy of the first domain.  But domatron energies (sometimes called “Dark Energy) repulse it, sending its unraveling energies into a massive spinning whirl curve so vast it cannot be wholly pictured.  The science world thinks what they called big bang’s release of energy is rushing outward in an expansion of the universe; but the fact is this rushing universe is on a vast curve of upwards expansion toward a circularity of such extent it is too vast for present astronomy’s capability to sense its true perspective in space. 
The First Domain is a pure spirit energy not in the mind of most physicists as a possibility  to exist. 

Therefore, their methods seeking solutions are somewhat hopeless for giving accord to the classic maths and the quantum perspective.  Inasmuch, as the “theory of everything” is about “things” of physical realms and is not a theory about anything that is spirit… including the vast pure energy spirit world of the First Domain that exists, which is the dominant force over the all of the all, and is the missing critical force that balances the all of the all.    
So, how does this relationship between the First Domain, described in the Bible as the Heaven of Heavens work.   
As to the Spirit of the Ultra Mind, who many people call God, there is no place of existence that the Spirit of the Ultra Mind does not have a presence. However, the Soul Core of the Ultra Mind, which is the first presence of the Ultra Mind, never enters the universe except by its Holy Ghost.  Nevertheless, The Soul Core does have a position location and that location is called the First Domain.  The Soul Core of the Ultra Mind’s abode, The First Domain, both attracts and repels.  These powerful actions act as both drawing and repulsion.  
Since the Holy Ghost of the Ultra Mind is in every particle, sub-particle, and atom of all the components of the universe, the Ultra Mind Soul Energy draws the Holy Ghost that in all creation but repels the physical complex of the universe in which the Holy Ghost abides in.  The result is, the universe is in orbit around the First Domain in which the Soul Core Energy of the Ultra Mind abides.  
 Seven orbit resolutions around the Core equal one forever, which is so beyond human time accounting that it is out of the human mind to perceive, and is a vanishing point.  When seven resolutions of the universe around the First Domain are complete, universal death of existence sets in and the Holy Ghost abandons the dying body of the universe, and the universe goes into collapse and becomes a compression point of plurality and enters a state of suspension in ultra density called the sleep.  (Rev. 10:3, and 7 MIV: when the 7th angel of the 7 thunders sound the mystery will be finished). This sleep of timelessness equals one forever, and adding the forever of the seven resolutions of the universe in orbit around the First Domain equals two forevers which equal an eternity.  When the two forevers are completed, Lattilution torques the point of the plural one’s density and a great release of its all and syntone are flung out into the expanding of a new space habitats.  Consequently, the When of a new universe begins again. 
As the Universe swirls in orbit around the First Domain, Stars are born and die, planets are born and die, vast frays of energy move through transitions and transformations.  Life in multiple forms are created that live and cease.  All things having life have spirit and soul bodies.  However, those soul bodies are limited to being perishable.   
In time, Minds develop with a consciousness and begin to reason and ask questions.  Those entities begin to seek a creator and come to imagine that there can be eternal spirit Souls that never die.  But then, there are those who are into impedition who begin to reason the universe is complete in its creation, and therefore has an evolving potential to advance to become as gods of creation.   
Two opposite forces compete; and consequently, there is war in the world of the universe.  Principalities war against Principalities all the while the universe obits the unknown First Domain, the abode of the Ultra Mind whose pure energy is the energy of Love.  
Professor, Dr. Jerry o. Lee, the Manifester Yada


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