​Spirit Wars back to the spirit.

Deep into the Spirit wars, I fight for what I love. As I wait for Midnight to arrive Zebadiah speaks to me, forces are assembled commander waiting on orders. Midnight comes under me and up we go into the universe. Turning towards Saturn I see the mighty battleship as she sits in the rings off Saturn. I feel the excitement  aboard the ship and the,howling of the Shepherd hounds in anticipation of the hunt.

   I have been under such heavy attack in the flesh and in the Spirit and I decree and declare in Jesus name it ends now. I can not loose this battle Lord all that I am in you is at stake here. I dont expect you to fight my battle for me O Lord of Light, I recieve the authority you gave me over serpents. I only ask that you stand beside me and live in me as I battle for your Kingdom. Lord let me see clearly my enemy, let my sword find its mark deep inside the demon i seek to slay. Let my shield cover me and those I love Lord. Wash me in forgiveness of your love from my sins. That I may be found inocent of charges against me from the one who points his finger and sets snairs. Let me find the evil one Lord and may he be wearing the praise garment he took from heaven. Lord unzip my chest so that your most powerfull weapon may be used LOVE . Thank you Lord for hearing my potition shelom amen


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