Vivid moon dream



I had this dream about a year ago  . Its not as extravagant as other’s, but there are some interesting things in it. Just to give some backstory, I asked the Lord several times if he would give me a vision of the Millennial reign, and I believe he give me a quick glimpse with this dream.

I am standing in a small crowd of people. Everyone here looks about 20~ 35. I then turn around, and I see the Earth floating in space. It is stunningly beautiful. The land masses were the greenest of green, and the oceans and seas were so blue. The earth was almost ”glowing” with pure, white light. The planet must have been in the most healthy state it has ever been in since God created it. I really wish I could accurately describe its beauty, but words would not do it justice. The image I have up top does not do it justice. Anyone living there at this time will be living in a literal paradise.

( The healthy state of the Earth in this dream leads me to believe during this point in time, corruption and sin upon the earth is removed, so my guess is it was during the Millennial Reign of Christ, or the New Heavens and New Earth period) (Mt 19:28),(Rev 20:4) .

I then thought ”If I’m seeing the earth from where I am, I must be standing on the moon!”. I was amazed at the thought of standing on the moon, but nobody else around seemed to be phased by this. After which a young girl, brown hair, looked to be in her early 20s, motioned for me to follow her. As I am following her, she playfully picks up what must have been a 100+ pound rock and tosses it towards me. I see it slowly drift towards me and I move out the way.

( this part leads me to believe the gravity situation in outer space during the Millennial Reign will be the same as it is now. We can still lift up large objects like the astronauts can now, but we will be able to breathe as if it were on the earth).

The girl leads me to a building. We walk up the staircase and enter it. Inside I see a fountain wellspring like you would see in a fancy hotel or a nice mega church. There were people walking around, going about their business, going in and out the halls within this building. It was kind of like a professional work place of sorts. I see one man in deep meditative prayer while sitting near the well. He was speaking in tongues with his eyes closed and rocking back and forth. There were also other people praying, and nobody seemed to be phased by this.

( The fact that they were praying in a public place leads me to believe praying during this point in time will be as common as reading the news paper or checking your phone. It wil be a part of every day life for everyone, and not just seen as things hardcore Christians do)

Then the dream abruptly ended. This dream was really really vivid and realistic. Two other people who I dont know or talked to beforehand said they had a ”realistic moon dream” only a couple days after I had this one. This, I believe, confirms my theory that we will not only colonize the earth in the future, but the moon, other planets in our galaxy, and far off into the universe. God’s plans for mankind are far beyond what we can comprehend .


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