The Higher Route by Matt Evans

Is religion the problem? Or, is it something much more basic?

A lot of what I share with people has a big emphasis on grace and freedom, but have you ever gotten around “grace preachers” with a nasty, judgmental attitude like “You better agree with all my doctrines about grace, or there’s no grace for you!”

What if the law of Moses isn’t the problem, but the motivation with which the people demanded it? We can demand that ourselves and others line up with some rigid standard, judging and punishing them if they don’t, regardless of our theology (or even lack of Theistic belief whatsoever). 
We can preach the New Covenant, grace, freedom from religion, etc., and still be nasty, judgmental, and bringers of death rather than life. We can embody all the worst aspects of the law while preaching against it, or having never heard of it.
Just as in the story of the garden, they chose “the knowledge of good and evil,” becoming self-critical and judgmental, becoming filled with shame, rather than choosing the tree of life.
The higher route is just partaking in Life and giving Life, regardless of what the situation is or who does or doesn’t measure up to somebody’s standard.
Stirred up by a conversation with Jeff Wissler. 
(Yes, that guy who puts all the crazy stuff about cholos and metal on my timeline, the founder of that heresy Wisslerism!)


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