Mainstream Christian TV now admitting a Post Trib Rapture

I recently watched a mainstream Christian TV Show called, Revelation In the News. The TV program had a very interesting author on the show named Michael Snyder. Snyder wrote a book called ‘The Rapture Verdict’, which explains how he and others in the mainstream Christian church were brought up on a pre trib rapture. Even though he and others saw that passages in the Bible indicated a post trib rapture, he didn’t question Church leadership, because he thought the experts knew better than he did. Fortunately for Michael, he started studying scripture and realized that the experts he trusted did not have opinions consistent with the scriptures.

From a personal perspective, there’s many preachers I respect who preach a pre trib rapture, however we need to realize that no man is perfect or infallible. While we can respect certain preachers and be encouraged by them, we are not to worship them or put our faith in them. Our faith should be in God and his word alone. For me personally, I believe in a post trib rapture based on the scriptures. Study the scriptures and make up your own mind. Don’t rely on DVD’s, Christian conferences and experts to tell you when the rapture is, read the Bible and evaluate all viewpoints by comparing them with scripture.

Check out the recent mainstream Christian TV program which discussed the rapture controversy below.


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