The Lord Preparing His Brides

The Lord spoke about how He is preparing His brides for the Last Days. The message shed light on how and why the Enemy attacks the Word. I’ll include excerpts of this message below, which I believe will help explain to you more about what the Lord is doing, the tactics of the Enemy, and how you can best prepare to be the witness HE wants you to be in the Endtime

Jesus speaking:

I wish for My children to learn to hear from Me, to follow Me closely, to obey what I say to do, to yield to the ways that I lead them, to hear the whispers, the messages, and to follow in faith. As they learn these things, they shall become more connected, they shall become stronger, they shall become more the children of David. They will become more as David, as receivers, as prophets, as men and women of conviction and of power and of anointing, as My David was.

They shall become more confident in Me and stronger in faith, as they see Me perform what I said I would do. They shall become pillars, I say, in the Last Days; pillars of light that will shine in the darkness; pillars of strength that will uphold many; pillars of faith that will do miracles, move mountains, call down wonders; pillars to stand strong against the wiles of the Evil One as he goes forth to deceive and to destroy even the very elect.

These are the days of the creating of the pillars, of the strengthening, of the growing, of the broadening and the heightening of these pillars. And how do they become pillars?–Through faith, through belief, through drinking in the New Wine, My Word, and through receiving My directions, My Word, My instruction, My guidance themselves; through prayer, through the Word, through prophecy, through obedience, through yieldedness.

I say to you, My children, be not deceived by the Evil One who wishes to keep you from becoming the pillars of God, for he knows the strength and the power and the anointing of the pillars of God. He knows that the pillars of God keep him from his dirty work and destroy and defeat his works, and thus he tries to keep you from becoming the pillars of God. He casts forth his doubts, his lies, saying, “This is not the way to become a pillar; these things are not true.” He tries to weaken your faith. He tries to get you to reject the truth, to reject the Word, which is the giver of faith. He attacks My Words; he says they are not true, he states they do not work. He does all that he can to deceive and to defeat you! He has done this from the beginning. He is the caster of doubts, the demon of defeat, the Lucifer of lies! And so he tries to cause you to doubt, to lie to you, to defeat you, to keep you from becoming the pillars that I wish for you to be.

How do you defeat him?–You drink in My Word. You drink it in in full faith, in full belief, desiring it and wanting it, implementing it, obeying it, yielding to it. You defeat him by resisting, by fighting, and by not surrendering as he tries to lie and deceive and defeat you. . It takes time to become a pillar, to have the strength, to have the faith, and it is accomplished by the constant, steady stream of My Word being poured into you, by your listening to Me, to My whispers, to My voice, and by your obedience and your yieldedness day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. It seems it is a hard road for you, but I say, it is an easy road compared to being in the dark days without being a pillar. To become a pillar of light you must receive the light and be filled with the light, that you may glow in the darkness and that others may be drawn unto you. You will be strong and do exploits, and you will feed the people the Truth in the midst of the darkness and lies and deceit that will cover the Earth. So become a pillar of God! Become a pillar through belief, through faith, through the Word, through obedience, and through yieldedness. Become a pillar each day, every day, through receiving and believing My Word, through hearing from Me fresh each day, through loving Me, through drawing nigh unto Me, through becoming one with Me, that I may fill you with My light and that you may begin to glow today, a little more glow each day through a little more input, taking in of Me and My seeds, through a little more obedience, through a little more yieldedness, and through a little more fighting against the wiles of the Evil One.

So I say unto you, come unto Me! Come unto Me, you who are weary, you who are heavy laden, you who are buffeted by the Deceiver, you who are lacking faith, you who are doubting the Word. I say, come unto Me! Come into the protection of My arms. Cry out to Me and I will reach forth My arms and pull you in closer. Cry out to Me and fight against the wiles of the Deceiver, of the Liar, of the Defeater! Cry out to Me and I will draw you nigh unto Me. Drink in My Word, cry out for faith! And pour My light, My life, My Spirit, My Word, My Love into your souls, into your spirits, into your lives so that it will reflect on others as you glow and become the pillars of God! (End of prophecy.) Mostrar menos


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