Daniel Ott is a True Cyber-Missionary

Worth the read… I hope to befriend and collaborate with Mr. Ott someday.  Perhaps he would like the Fringe Radio Network!

Very few have figured out yet what The Edge Broadcast is…..I will tell you now. Looking at the guest list some  Christians would assume that I am either new age, seriously decieved or don’t take Christianity seriously. Of course none of those are true. I started The Edge as a outreach to those who were looking for answers but ended up looking somewhere other than the Bible. Many of the more out there guests either have been to church or were damaged in some way by Christians….Yes.. Christians can damage non believers…heck some Christians are good at damaging other Christians…but that’s another discussion. So many of my Christian friends post scriptures, go to Christian websites and mingle at Christian events…A sort of self isolation… Preaching to the choir if you will…I have gone outside that bubble…I am looking for lost people who won’t go to Christian websites….if they been there for some the condemnation may be palatable. I have created a safe space on Edge Website. When the prospective guest looks they will not see any Christian trappings…They will see other like minded guests…they will also see Christian guests sprinkled in there…I intentionally disarm them so that I may at least have a chance to love them into the Kingdom. When they AGREE to come on the program they unknowingly are giving permission for the Spirit of God to act in their life…(look up the power of permissions in Spiritual Warfare)….The interview is a means to a end. It is only a vehicle to allow me to interact with them. During the broadcast I typically am praying for a inroad to get to their heart with the Truth…It may come as a word, a sentence or a whole discussion, but I am fully aware I can’t bring someone from new age to Jesus in a single conversation…But I do allow for that possibility…I want to either plant, water or till the ground so maybe someone else later will give the final invitation to Christ….So to the UFO believer, I believe in UFO’s..to the Bigfoot hunter..I become a Bigfoot hunter…To the Yin..I become the Yang…For those who rub rocks, hum, see ghosts, look to the stars…I won’t condemn you…I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. Sometimes I use viewers questions to directly ask guest if they would accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour…A few have said.. yes!…The Edge is a hospital…Jesus came to save the sick..He isn’t going over there to Christianity dot com and neither are the lost or damaged people… There are millions of Christian websites where you can get endless study guides or learn how to lose weight or find a date….Jesus went into the highways and byways…The Edge is a byway…A anomaly among talk shows..Seemily irreverent at times, sarcastic at others, plain nuts at even other times…But make no mistake..It has a mission and a purpose…I try also to make it a teaching tool on how to talk with others whose beliefs that you may diametrically oppose. You can’t reach those you can’t talk to. So there you have it…The true reason I do The Edge Broadcast…I love the lost…that’s it…..


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