​New Day, New Way

New Day, New Way

The servant of the Lord shall not strive. My sons and daughters surely don’t dumpster dive.

Enter into and remain in My holy rest, refresh, restore and revive.

Don’t walk in the way of the dead, you are surely alive.

Remember, don’t wrestle with the devil, he’ll drag you down to his level.

It’s time for my kings and priests to rule and reign. Seated in heavenly places with me, bind, loose, release and constrain.

See Me, engage my kingdom from your kingdom within, step out of the time space continuum.

Practice leaving earth to join Me in heaven. It’s time We teach you to establish on Earth, the frequencies that root out leaven.

It’s much about sound and light. Zero point energy, string theory, creative insight, on how to be established in My divine power and might.

You’re seated with Me in the heavenlies, time to rule and reign from your throne.

Time to see Me up close and intimately, My kingdom, Heaven is your home.

Heaven is overshadowing Earth and its realms now. It’s my will none should perish, come I’ll show you how.

My love in you must brood over the Earth. You will shine My light of love, peace and truth, and all that I am worth.

The Seraphim, Cherubim, Cashmelium and so much more. The Armaments of Heaven and all I have in store. The Courts, the Sea of Glass, the Trading Floor.

Readied for this great time. Heaven coming to Earth. The presence of Me, will reveal every man’s true worth. 

My Holy Flood is now covering the Earth, drowning out the sound of Satan’s evil dearth.

Step out in faith now, as I’ve opened the door. Come sup with Me my children, It’s time to enter the more!

 More of Me, more destiny, more victory, more intimacy, more enlightenment, more of heaven’s store, through every gate and every door.

I’m releasing fresh anointing for my people to hear and see. It’s time for my Bride to redeem all, and give it back to me.

As I redeemed you and gave you back to my Father. So now you in Me, will retrieve for Us, Earth’s treasure, every Son and daughter.

All creation saturated, maturated in brilliant waves of My sound and light. My presence in and through you, shall surely win this fight.

Go forth in faith, by my Spirit, emitting colored waves of my sound and light. You are my friends, my trusted ones. I give you my divine sight, delight and might.

My new day, my new way, birthing from the long evil night. Every wrong revealed, recalibrated, redeemed, reconciled and restored to right. My family and me, so precious in my sight.

Time for the New Wine, the Trump of God, the draining of the swamp, the turning of the tide. My mighty army at My side.

Earths containment of evil and the record of sin, has had its day. Of course I always knew it would culminate this way. Come walk in my light while it’s still called today.

Seek my presence every minute, every hour, it’s time for a transfer of power.

Rule and reign in righteousness in this final hour. Time to reveal, dismantle and dispel Babylon’s evil tower.

Come My beloveds and see all I have in store, more, more, more and more! Come into your Father’s house, I’m showing you the door. Step though in faith, it’s time to defeat that Great Whore!

Worship, praise, fasting and prayer, will help to make the way straight. Saturate, culminate, replicate, and establish My frequency in every mountain, sphere, realm, door and gate.

Let the weak say I am strong. All I’ve promised is unfolding now. Hold on it won’t be long. Come out of Babylon. 

The sheep, the goats, the winepress, the King. The Holy Flood, the Great Reckoning.

The Earth is the womb where the Seed of My Bride was sown. We brood over you in this realm until you are fully grown. Our beloved, our own! The fullness of time, the realms realign, it’s not good that man be alone.

Christ in you, you in Christ, Jesus in the Father, Holy Spirit, The Royal Family, the maturation of every Son and Daughter. The revelation, proclamation, saturation and reconciliation of every tribe, tongue and nation. The culmination of recreation. The redemption and revelation of My Holy Generation 

The blueprint of God. The Holy Frequency, zero point energy, the flashpoint, the sound of light, string theory, My grace in time and space. Me in everything and everything in Me. All creation groaning for the light and sound of Holy Trinity.

The Alpha, The Omega, the beginning, the end, the culmination, realignment, reconcilement, and relocation, the sacred compilation. Beyond the atomic level, the vibration and calibration, the implosion and explosion, the continuous, creative breath and life in My entire constellation.

The was that was, before the was that was. I Am that I Am, I was, and always will be, your Father, your Brother, your intimate Lover and the Awesome God and King forever, over and in everything eternally.

The Great Awakening! The glorious new day. Most of all, the Sacred Birth, from the Earth, My beloved Bride. My eternal family, the reason I came and died and birthed you from My side.

Holy, pure and fit for a King, fashioned over the ages, for the King of everything!

How We rejoice to see this day. New Jerusalem descending from heaven to Earth. Celebration, conformation, the culmination of Divine reconciliation.

I Am the light that dwells in you. My Homeland, My Throne, My Arc, My Grace, My waters of life continuously flowing in and out and through. My inner chambers, perfectly enraptured, Me in you. Not one, but two.

Like a mother births and nourishes her child. The pure passion of the groom for his bride, unadulterated, unified and undefiled.

Love has a frequency, love has a sound. The wedding day, the holy kiss, the two becoming one, the continuum of perfect bliss. The sound of joy, peace, truth and life. The sound of the King with His Queen, His Bride, His Wife, enraptured, saturated in divine light, pure power, perfect might, wedded, embedded in gentle, fertile delight.

 Unspeakable glorious elation, explosive rapturous culmination. In and out, around and around. Circles of endless life and love continuously abound. The celebration of loves perpetual creation, undaunted, unrestrained jubilation.

The King and Queen together in their home. Man was never meant to be alone. Now poised and ready to rule and reign forever, together, from their throne. Physical manifold manifestations of Me, flesh of my flesh and bone of My bone.

The King is God, and God alone. However, love by its very nature produces seeds that are sown.

We are the receptacles of His intimate love. His Bride, His Wife, His Delight. His family, His children, inheritors and carriers of His creative divine DNA, His Breath, Sound and Light. 

Glory and honor to the King and the Lamb. All glory and praise to our awesome God and Father. The Lion, the Great I Am. The Ox, the Eagle, the Lion, the Man. The Sacrificial Lamb. The story of God and the redemption of Man. The revelation of God’s perfect plan.

Center stage for all to see, an eternal testament to Elohim’s perfect, irreproachable, undeniable, divinity.

Yod Hay Vav Hey .The Name, so holy we can barely say. But He longs for us to know Him as He is. The Triune God, through the Dark Cloud is the way. Through the terrible dark storm cloud on Mt. Sinai that fearful day.

Our God is a consuming fire. Thunder, lightning, the clashing of Heaven and Earth. What can possibly contain Yahweh God in His full holiness and complete worth? Surely not a box or a temple made by men. But because The Word became flesh and overcame sin, man can be born again, in Christ, without original sin. So now My holy ones can enter in. 

The Veil was torn, the great merger of Heaven and Earth, God and Man. The Lion, the Lamb and the One New Man. The King. The Great I Am.

Holy. Holy. Holy King! Worthy. Worthy. Worthy! How glorious is the song we sing. Sing the songs of Eternity. Sing in the cities, the mountains, the vails, Sing songs of Me, until My frequency prevails.

Speak life everywhere you go. Decree and declare Love’s sound, by faith make it so.

Be bold, be strong, and pierce the darkness with My light until it breaks into My glorious dawn. Look up, don’t look down. Look at Me, then look around. 

Think as I think, say what I say and do what I do. Not like a robot, but because our love is so true. Because My very presence is birthed and emitting from you.

Be aware, don’t dwell on all that is unfair. Keep your eyes and heart on Me. The brilliance of our love will set our planet free. It will reveal the places where lies have been told. In the midst of lions, wolves, and dogs, you shine My love light of Truth, strong and brazenly bold!

You’ll move through the mountains, valleys and plains, My holy army of light, dispelling the darkness and all it contains. Breaking the chains, setting the captives free. They will look at your love light and behold Me.

The hearts, minds and eyes of the blind will open, and they will see. 

You will make My Name famous in all the Earth. Every man shall decide in his own heart, what that is worth. Did you learn to Love? Will you learn to Love?

Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Can we have mercy on them Father, and pray them through. I’ll cry out for them, the broken, the crippled, and the lame. I’ll stand in the gap interceding for them. The faceless, the nameless, the sea of humanity destroyed by sin, guilt and shame.

Grace, grace, amazing grace! Have pity Lord. Show them all your holy face. Flood time and space with the fullness of your grace.

Grace is the substance the scientists don’t see. The sacred particles of You, in your breath and voice as you spoke all creation, from and into eternity. You are in everything and everything is in You. You are what they are looking for! The God Particle is You! Your essence, your presence, Omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Creator, in, around and through, everything you think, say and do.

Hope is the substance of the things we don’t yet see. By faith, birthed from desire, we long for our destiny.

Faith is the key that unlocks the door. Faith only works by love when it comes to You, and all you have in store. Stored up in you is all we could ever imagine, contain, or even perceive to even ask for.

Nuclear fusion, time travel, reality, illusion, dissection, resurrection. The power of life and death. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why is the Earth groaning? How do we fix what’s broken, or make things new? How do we co create with you.

 Einstein had a glimpse, many are called, and few are chosen, like the story of David and King Saul, and then there’s King Cyrus and the Apostle Paul? What determines the essence, the bent and the fruit of a man’s heart? I’ve asked this question since my youth, and still I barely know where to start. But one thing I know with all of my heart. It’s all in You my Father! Every question, every answer, all we dream of and all we pursue! You are the answer! My question is, how do we know you?
Prophetic Psalm, Bobbie Clarizio . 2 -2017


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