Battle of L.A. in the Spirit on Halloween Hunt 2016!

Tony’s latest SpiritWars testimony comes from L.A. where this current interview with miss Michelle is happening! WHAT ARE THE ODDS. . .

SpiritWars 000000013: Michelle Saldana on Satanic Ritual Abuse


After my vision of the wave was over , I found myself sitting on a rock overlooking California trembling at what I had seen for the last three days . Looking up toward heaven I said O Lord of light , let me hunt here in this place, that maybe I could help free a few. I did not hold out a lot of hope for people as it seems that not many people care for our Lord of light , only themselves and as the days of Noah they will not repent and change their ways , so the Lord will allow devastation to come to a land that gives birth to sin and abomination to him . In my opinion it’s like this, they don’t want Jesus or his forgiveness ,fine learn to backstroke then and tread water ,for it will happen just the same as he showed me . But that is not how the Lord of light feels for them , he has nothing but forgiveness and pure love for those who will call upon his name and simply believe .
I also knew it was time for me to go back to the cross to repent of my own sin’s and weakness in the flesh , to humble myself before him, and to cover myself in his blood . I also wonted to go to the garden to get a deeper understanding of what I had been shown . For now though I would finish the hunt as the four hounds returned and reported the demon was running through L.A. and we had been spotted . Good I said , no more time for stealth let the hounds sound off on the trail . The hounds returned and joined the other two on the trail . BOWOO cried out the lead hound , strike my dog Lord I said as I headed toward the howl . Halloween I thought to myself how appropriate , but this year I will be the one on the hunt Lord, no longer will these demons just run a muck over the people of this land as long as the Lord was in what I was doing ,and I knew he was . Open the gates to the Shepherd hounds let them join us today, for the pray are many . At that command the kennel gate was swung open and a mass of young eager hounds sprang out of heaven and onto the trail . Compton ,California a very rough place the hounds went in and out of homes chasing every demon they could find into the streets ,the sound was beautiful as the hounds roared with excitement of the catch . The demons were fleeing in sheer terror at the sight of the hounds and the glow of the Holy Spirit coming from behind them . Hundreds and Hundreds of demons were running naked one’s , fowl mouth demons, down Hollywood blvd. they ran as I laughed and laughed how I wish some other warriors were here to see this and I laughed some more , I was having a great Halloween already . Midnight sped up came along side the mass of demons and said rope some of them ,as his main grew into a rope in my hand , I laughed and began to twirl the rope I picked out the biggest demon I thought may be in charge for he had the biggest bag with him and it was slowing him down . I leaned forward on Midnight tossed the rope around the demon . The rope burned into the scales on him as I tightened the rope . I looked at all the hounds with pure joy as they had now rounded up thousands of demons ,devoir them I yelled at the top of my lungs .Hounds began to spring forward on their pray and ripped them to shred’s as they ate them . It reminded of the story of Moses as Aron threw down the rod and it turned into a snake and swallowed the other two. You hounds will eat anything I said as I chuckled under my voice . It was then that I saw the hounds come around a skyscraper and grab many demons bye their private parts and rip them from their evil body’s of sin , yes some had body’s as you and me . Some people that walked the streets looked as though they had seen us. I ordered the young pups to give chase all through this Halloween night . Their faces grinned in delight of this order and they continued the chase howling as they did .
Now I had to deal with the demon on the rope ,so I called the six hounds in . I pointed Midnight toward the Hollywood Hills as I drug the demon on Midnight making sure I hit every rock and tree I could on my way to the Hillside . The hounds grabbed hold of his arms, legs ,throat and ball’s as I slid from Midnight . I walked back pulled my sword as it lit up flaming red and I placed it onto his chest . The sword smoked with the smell of burning demon as he yelled and hissed at me , I took my shield and smashed him in the face pressed down with more force on the sword as he screamed . Dog I said and the hound put a little more force on his throat and shook his head just a little . The demon yelled out stop ill tell you anything , yea all lies for the truth is not in you , I will let dog rip you apart and take a dump in the wormhole and that will be the end of you . Ill tell you , ill tell you what is it you want to know ? Dog and I looked at the one who had him bye his sorry guys ball’s . As I gave him the nod he pulled them from the demon and ate them before this evil entity . He screamed out in pain as I laughed how many people have you destroyed? I have no pity for you , Where do you take the blessings to the stones where , dog and the one who had his right leg began to bite through it as his long teeth shown through his bite . The demon screamed out Mount Graham he yelled out . In Arizona I ask ? Dog I said like the Duke would say and the neck dog shook his head a little more . Yes,yes he said in a cave . Dog and the hound’s ripped him apart , off to the wormhole they went to dispose of him . I picked up the heavy bag and tossed it into a hounds mouth , he swallowed and off he went to the Purity Trick or Treat I said as they left. I had my next clue but it was a very large task and I had to talk to the Lord of light about this one . God Bless and watch your back on this Halloween night .

Tony Floyd's photo.
Tony Floyd's photo.
Tony Floyd's photo.
Michael Basham
Michael Basham brother I’m currently doing an interview with a former SRA victim in LA. . . what are the odds! THanks for Spirit – Warring!!
Michael Basham I didn’t plan for this or even tell you. Yet again we’re on the same battlefront.
Tony Floyd yes we are lol God is good all the time .
Tony Floyd hey talk to Alfredo about the demons he is encountering live action lol .
Michael Basham no way!!! oh I need to to talk to him again soon, too. tell him I said hi!
Tony Floyd ok ill check it out .

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