The rise of flakka, the demon drug from hell, and why a revival of The Family International (TFI) is essential

cog2As a person who has studied the history of The Family International (TFI)/formerly known as Children of God (COG), I think that a revival of TFI is essential in order for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. When you study the history of TFI, their model seemed to be the only one, that could reach the drug addicted hippies of the 1960’s and 70’s. TFI’s doctrines of dropping out of the system, and being part of a separated loving family who lived together, was an ideology that resonated with youth all over America. These doctrines seemed to work in other countries also, as the unchurched and those alienated by denominational religious groups found love and acceptance.

TFI also seemed to be the only Christian organization that could reach hardcore drug users, because they offered them a natural high, and the love and acceptance they were seeking.

The occult darkness and demonic activity in this world has increased a thousand fold since the 1960’s and 70’s. Todays street drugs would make any parent wish their child was on heroin. A new drug on today’s streets that must have been designed by the devil himself, or most certainly a black magician of the most evil kind; is literally opening the gates of hell on today’s youth. This new drug called, flakka, opens a person completely up to the demonic realm. Users of this drug become completely possessed by a legion of demons, and they wreck havoc on themselves and people around them.

Below is a short video (just a few minutes) showing the shocking and demonic effects of flakka.

Once people take flakka, in a short period of time they become possessed by demons, and they do things such as: jump through car windows, cannibalism, rip off their own faces, tear their eyes out, jump through windows, violently attack people, have insane fits, act like animals, behave like zombies and insanely damage property. One observation of a person on flakka will think your looking at a demon or monster. Many who take flakka for the first time actually die.
The drug has become very popular in the United States with widespread use there, and it is now spreading to other countries such as Europe and Australia. When I see this stuff happening and pray and wish for a revival of TFI, and for people who are not part of TFI to rise up against the evil of flakka. Anyone can read the MO letters (David Berg, who was the founder of TFI, wrote these information based articles to his followers called MO letters), and study the history of TFI; to learn how to reach people who the mainstream churches cannot reach. With evil rising and ensnaring today’s youth, there has never been a more pragmatic time to start a Jesus revolution against satan.
How does one start a full time Jesus disciple group?

The First Thing You Need To Do Is Pray

The first thing you need to do is pray for resources and guidance. David Berg was first led to a Christian community, who gave him usage of their coffee lounge, which was used to reach the hippies. The hippies were coming to a coffee lounge

David, Maria and other members

David, Maria and other members

owned by a Christian community, however the Christians in that community could not reach them. After conversing with David Berg, the owners of the lounge gave this coffee lounge resource to David Berg. David was given temporary possession of this coffee lounge, and he used it to evangelize to the hippies.

After David successfully evangelized to the hippies and developed a cult following, he became the Apostle of his own converts to Jesus. Having a legion of followers, he then needed larger resources, and was given a large building by televangelist Fred Jordan. The followers of David Berg (The Children of God) predominantly made up of former drug using hippy youth, then lived in this building as brothers and sisters; where they grew in faith together. Resources and property are essential when seeking to make big changes for Jesus. You need resources to help people and give them a place of refuge. That coffee shop needed: coffee, milk, sugar, cakes, lunches, roof to keep the rain out, money to keep it operating, and volunteers! From reading the history, most of the volunteers at this coffee shop, consisted of David Berg’s kids which included Faith Berg. I’m sure there were other volunteers also, who helped David Berg and we don’t know their names.
If you want to follow in the footsteps of David Berg you need to pray for: property, resources, finances, donations (food, money, and other things) and volunteers.

David Berg and his family

David Berg and his family

David Berg also had quiet a few alliances in the early stages of TFI. He had a strong alliance with Fred Jordan (a well known televangelist and some could call him the Benny Hinn of his day).

Once you have resources and property to direct people to, you can then begin evangelizing and guiding people to your place of refuge. David Berg preached directly to the unsaved and unchurched hippies, and this is who you will be evangelizing too also, if you want to follow his legacy. These new converts will need a place of refuge in their embryonic stage of growing in Jesus, and that is why the property and place of refuge will be important in the beginning. Without the Christian coffee shop and use of Fred Jordan’s building, TFI would not have been what they eventually become, which was a worldwide Jesus movement.

You Then Need To Assemble Together With A Team

In the 1960’s David Berg’s team was made up of his children and probably a few unknown volunteers. Once your prayer is answered and you receive resources, then you know God wants you to start your ministry. You then need to invite people who are in agreement with your vision to join you. These people will have to be mature Christians in most cases. One you have assembled together you can then begin evangelizing to the unchurched, so your not building upon another mans foundation. In today’s churches, most churches are usually filled by people from different churches. People church hop to different churches depending on what the other church offers. Even the rich popular churches that are filled with youth, are mainly filled with rich kids who left the more traditional churches, to hang out in a more entertaining religious venue. When your following the legacy of David Berg (Moses David) and Karen Zerby (Maria), you will be evangelizing to the youth using flakka and other demonic drugs. You will be evangelizing at dance rave parties (modern day hippy concerts) to youth who know nothing of Jesus, and you will be connecting with people who have felt rejected and alienated by modern day religion.

You Will Need Love And Grace

You are going to need a lot of love and grace for the people your trying to reach. I wish I could teach you about this, but I don’t have too much experience with love and grace. I’ve lived a very dark life and have only seen love a few times. I do remember though when I was first led to Jesus. I was led to Jesus by a very loving and graceful man who worked in construction; him and his wife showed me a lot of acceptance I never experienced before. They did not judge me even though I had been a past drug user, and was dealing with a lot of serious issues in my life. I was also a very aggressive person due to my past, but these people just loved and accepted me, and often invited me to their home for various family functions. I will never forget those people, and it was their example that made me believe in Jesus. I think love just means accepting people for who they are, and embracing them no matter what their circumstances. I think Maria (Karen Zerby) talks a lot about the meaning of love in her letters, and Michael Basham has posted a lot of Maria’s teachings on love, so I would recommend you read those teachings on love. You can read a lot of Maria’s letters on Michael Basham’s starsword blog. Once you start adding more members to your evangelism team, then your team will grow, and you will continue reaching more people for Jesus as you train new converts on how to evangelize. From this point, the group will begin to grow into a larger movement, as more people are reached with the gospel.


I guess when I look back to the people who led me to Jesus, I just remember feeling loved and accepted, and its that feeling you need to impart to those your trying to reach.

With current TFI leaders giving everyone a lot of freedom, TFI members now have the opportunity to rise up and start their own ministries. This is already happening in an online capacity with people such as Michael Basham and Terry Lane (Terry’s family also assists him), and I believe God is really going to expand these ministries as people pray.

You are the change that is waiting to happen, and it only takes one prayer and one step of faith to make a big difference in the world.

As the devil comes in like a flood through flakka, will you be the standard God raises up against this demonic hoard? It has never been a more pertinant time to take a stand for Jesus. Today is the day of salvation. If you are reading this article remember… YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE.

David teaching a disciple

David teaching a disciple

Note: I am a volunteer writer on this website and wrote this article at 2am. I have no time to proof read it, so please excuse any: punctuation, spelling or grammar issues. Bye for now.


3 thoughts on “The rise of flakka, the demon drug from hell, and why a revival of The Family International (TFI) is essential

  1. Excellent idea inspiration!!❤… There is a location in Florida that would be a wonderful spot reception hall or training center I leave an email for you to respond and I will keep you updated as I look into it foreign ongoing project with a Children’s Advocacy organization…
    It’s MidFlorida in fact about two and a half hours Orlando and the east and west perfect location to raise children and as an educator I highly recommended the spot for any projects that a community-based in it would be a good spot for the reception home that I strained from in Miami back in the 80s when I was a part of the intervention but email me at 2 see the pictures of the spa if you like and again I will keep you updated as far remind me to open the facility God bless God bless you for keeping me the division going from God giving traffic and all the early family members XOXO

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