Michael Basham seeks an exclusive interview with The Family International leaders, Maria (Karen Zerby) and Peter

Michael Basham

Michael Basham

Michael Basham who operates: a youtube channel (Keyblades), two blogs (Starsword and Warriors Without Borders) and a radio program, recently stated that he was going to attempt to interview both leaders (Maria and Peter) of The Family International (TFI). Michael has started having some internationally renowned guests on his program recently, and his intention to have Maria and Peter on his program is certainly a breaking development.

Both Maria and Peter have been in The Family International for decades, and Maria was involved in the Jesus youth movement with David Berg (Moses David) since the 1970’s. Maria is also responsible for a large number of Christian publications that involve: prophecy, eschatology, spirituality and Christianity. Those who are familiar with the well known MO letters (letters David Berg/Moses David wrote to his followers) would be familiar with Maria’s regular contributions to these articles. If you read a MO letter you will often see a quote from Maria as her input into David Berg’s writings were often noted and published.

Maria has been a devoted Christian for decades and has worked as a missionary since her youth. She is definitely a woman who has overcome much adversity in her life, and is a Christian many people could get inspiration from. Those interested in evangelism and missionary work could learn a lot from Maria as she has led many to Jesus Christ. Maria also has a strong knowledge of the Bible and many people could gain something from her thoughts on scripture.
I would definitely enjoy seeing an interview of Maria and Peter as I think they would be exciting guests with a lot to share. The Family International has definitely left an exciting and eventful legacy if you look at their history. All religious groups out there have their controversies, but if you focus on the positive and see The Family International how God sees them; they have truly done amazing things for Jesus Christ. TFI’s charity work, evangelism and publications have brought joy and inspiration to people around the world. People like Michael Basham have continued on the legacy of TFI by being a light and lamp to the world, and it would certainly be interesting to hear an interview of Maria (Karen Zerby) and Peter.

karen1The last time Maria appeared in a public video was many years ago in a TFI Christmas message, and I believe its time for her to arise from the ashes like the phoenix. I believe many people out there are interested in what she has to say and how shes doing. A scripture that comes to mind for Maria is, “to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness.” (Isaiah 61:3)

If you would like to see Maria and Peter appear on Michael Basham’s TV show or radio program; I invite you to please pray regarding this situation. Prayer can: change circumstances, move mountains, give others strength and open doors. I believe Maria needs strength and an open door to do an interview with Michael Basham, so please pray for this woman so she can be all God wants her to be.

You can keep up to date with the developments of Michael potentially interviewing Maria and Peter by regularly checking: starsword, warriorswithoutborders and the keyblades youtube channel.


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