Former enemy and persecutor of The Family International (TFI) claims he went to hell for persecuting them

As most know I do a lot of research when writing articles and investigating various topics. I have written hundreds of articles and have tens of thousands of readers, and I think that’s mainly because I talk to many different people and try and get the full story. In recent years I have become good friends with a number of TFI members and have found them to be great people. I do believe TFI is a genuine Christian organization with an amazing history in evangelism and missionary work. There’s definitely no shortage of TFI critics and persecutors as is with many other Christian organizations. After being introduced to TFI online by people such as Michael Basham, James Japan and others; I started looking into the group more so I could learn more. I do believe its very possible TFI’s founder David Brandt Berg was a prophet, because his mark of the beast prophecy from the 1980’s (where he claimed the mark of beast would be an implantable microchip) seems to be coming to pass.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a former persecutor of TFI named Brian who has a rather bizarre testimony. I was reluctant to share this discussion but thought I would anyway. His testimony literally sent chills down my spine, as I saw the genuine emotion and sincerity of this mans demeanor as he shared his testimony with me. The only conclusion I could come to after hearing this mans testimony was that he believes what he told me is real. I have never heard of anything like this before so I cannot say whether its real or not. I arranged to meet up with Brian as he coincidentally happened to live not far from my city. After he began sharing his shocking testimony I knew I had to record this because it was something that needed to be shared.

Below is my interview with Brian.

Individual: You have been telling me that you were a major enemy of TFI and Karen Zerby and persecuted them badly. How did you get to this point?

Brian: I knew some former TFI members and generally I have been a guy who gets off on putting other people down; so I just started verbally abusing TFI and its members. My verbal abuse of TFI and its members just seemed to snowball, and before I knew it I became a major instigator and participator in the global persecution of TFI. At first I did it for entertainment and to get a laugh, I found it kind of amusing that I could pester this religious group and make fun of them. Eventually my teasing turned into aggressive persecution towards people associated with Karen Zerby, and before I knew it I was a major persecutor of TFI. I am sure myself and a few others played a major role in the TFI reboot (the partial shutting down of TFI).

Individual: What happened after you persecuted TFI?

Brian: Life went on as normal and I kind of forgot about all the problems I caused TFI and Karen Zerby. I just thought it was funny to make fun of them and that they deserved to be persecuted and I just forgot about it. A year or two after my TFI persecution ceased I started to get sick.

Individual: What kind of sickness?

Brian: Mainly a sense of: disassociation, hallucination’s and pain which can be in different body parts. In some instances I felt like I was going to die and had to constantly remain in bed. At one point I felt like my entire body was on fire and I also saw visions of what appeared to be hell.

Individual: You felt like your body was on fire? How?

Brian: I literally felt like my entire body was on fire. I was in so much pain I was planning on killing myself.

Individual: Wow. I’m glad your still with us. Did the fire sensation stop?

Brian: Yes the fire sensation did calm down after I prayed to God.

Individual: How long did the fire burning sensation last?

Brian: It lasted for a few weeks and was at different pain levels. At the height of the pain level I was considering killing myself.

Individual: In your previous communications with me you mentioned supernatural visions; could you elaborate on these please.

Brian: Sure. After these painful experiences I had a number of visions where God talked to me. He told me I had been punished for persecuting TFI. I saw visions of TFI members who looked very sad, and was told I was punished for causing their sadness and for destroying the organization. The Biblical law “whatsoever a man soweth that he shall also reap” was coming to pass in my life. I had sowed my own destruction and was now reaping the fruits of my labours. I also saw visions of hell and saw people being burnt alive and worms eating people, and during these visions I was also being burnt alive and I wanted to die because the pain was so great. It was the most horrible experience in my life and I have never watched a horror movie that could describe the pain I felt. I felt as if I was somewhere between life and death and on the doorstep of hell.

Individual: How long did these visions last?

Brian: They have been ongoing for some years and sometimes I am struck down with pain, but not as bad as in the past.

Individual: How did these shocking experiences and visions effect your life?

Brian: I guess they just caused me to totally review my life and to repent. I also realized I was wrong about TFI. They are the disciples of Jesus who save many people from hell (a horrible place) and they didn’t deserve the persecution I gave them. I guess you can make stupid decisions you don’t think really mean anything but one day your sins catch up with you. I just decided to begin persecuting TFI and Karen Zerby one day out of peer pressure and it got out of control, I have always had a problem with gossip and I guess my persecution of them got pretty nasty. I guess we don’t realize how much damage our tongues can do untill its too late. I guess my experiences have just caused me to try and live a better life and to see the best in people, and to love others more instead of finding faults. As I think back to my persecution of TFI; I see Karen Zerby crying as I’m sure my words and the words of others made her cry. I guess as human beings we don’t realize how cruel we can be until God throws us off our horses like he did to the Apostle Paul. Paul was thrown off his horse and afflicted with blindness on the road to Damascus for persecuting God’s people, and that’s where I am now. I am literally in the process of casting the scales off my eyes so I can see life in a new way. I guess I can really relate to the Apostle Paul’s experiences through these events. I also think these events have changed me for the better as I genuinely have a desire to be a more loving and graceful person. I can also see the truth of Christianity in these events. There are so many groups and churches out there claiming to follow Jesus, but they are really businesses as they don’t seem to really care about people. If you look at TFI’s history and the people they have led to Jesus; they genuinely cared for people and wanted to see them saved. Karen Zerby went to all kinds of extremes to lead people to Jesus and I guess that’s why God loves her so much. Now that TFI is not really around any more the body of Christ is not the same and it’s like something is missing. TFI members used to get out into the community and reach all kinds of people with the gospel message; and they had a real genuine love for people. They weren’t trying to be like a business so they could build impressive buildings for an empire, they just wanted to reach people with the saving message of Jesus and love them. Based on my experiences I think TFI probably is the church of Philadelphia prophesied of in the book of Revelation. It’s a hard thing knowing that I persecuted and hurt this precious church, but all I can do is try to move forward with my life in a more positive way. I think disgruntled former members and haters of TFI should try and see the best in the group, and see that hating on people following Jesus is not the way go. Have other people been punished like I have? I don’t know. Maybe people will receive some kind of punishment when they go to Heaven if they are saved, or if they are destined for hell they will receive additional punishment there. I am not God nor a prophet so I don’t really know; all I can do is share my experiences. All Christian organizations have their share of: scandals, negatives, positives, controversy and uniqueness. People should make it a point to see the best in people when it comes to those following Jesus. TFI, Karen Zerby and David Berg have some amazing and special qualities, and we should focus on these things and build them up instead of putting them down. All I can do now is try and follow Jesus and pray for Karen Zerby and TFI.Throughout history; TFI, David Berg and Karen Zerby have led many to Jesus, and their contribution to the Jesus youth movement in the 1960’s and 70’s was unmistakable. My prayer is for TFI to see a revival of what they were in the 1960’s and 70’s; they definitely made a huge positive difference in the world and maybe I can help them do it again by praying for them. I can honestly say I am changed man and I am trying to be a better person each day.

Individual: You mentioned God spoke to you in visions. Did you receive any additional information about TFI in these visions?

Brian: Yes. God did tell me that TFI and in particular Karen Zerby were going to see a future revival. I don’t think God has finished with them yet.

End of interview

Those wanting additional information on Karen Zerby can visit her webpage below.


7 thoughts on “Former enemy and persecutor of The Family International (TFI) claims he went to hell for persecuting them

  1. Interview with Maria and Peter? Wow, that would sure be very interesting. I think the last video I saw of them was a talk they gave for their Christmas message on youtube. I think Maria comes across as a really mystical person with a lot of spiritual insights; I would definitely enjoy hearing what she has to say and I’m sure you would ask great questions. It seems your guests get more exciting each week. Please try your best to get an interview with Maria and Peter as I would be very interested. Keep us posted!


  2. Well a lot of the TFI members (former and current) who have contacted me you would probably be familiar with Michael. I was actually given a prophetic word by a TFI member a while back which I shared with you; a TFI member named Abner gave it to me. Another TFI member who was involved with the group a while back had many positive things to share also.


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