Was The Ft. Lauderdale 5’s Shepherding Movement Destroyed by the Illuminati?

In response to the above walk n’ talk video I made not long ago, a disciple named Pearls wrote out a detailed testimony of their experience in the movement.  This is the first time I have come into contact with someone who was in the Shepherding movement that mirrors my opinion that somehow the movement was infiltrated by evil nefarious elements!

The below conversation doesn’t only focus on the Illuminati but is the sharing between two awake Christians who are familiar with both that organization and the Shepherding movement.  Recently lots of miracles have been happening to me with regards to some of these past movements of God, so I’m interested in getting to the bottom of that!

Pearls: “Are you by any chance the son or grandson of Don Basham? In the late 70s / early 80s I was involved in the discipleship movement and often heard the name ‘Basham’. Rather ironically, I checked your channel for a current word from Ian Clayton (which you mentioned here is a bit of a vain pursuit). I appreciated hearing your thoughts, and particularly your openness to both CHRIST-based spirituality, the forms evil currently takes, and the likelihood of interacting with ET life. With so much turmoil in our world, I sometimes seek comfort in a “now” word from a trusted source. But I realize the comfort to which we must cling derives from standing therefore, having done all to stand. Best to you in your pursuit of truth, justice & a bright future!

 My response: “Hey there! Yes, Papa Don Basham is my grandpa! I’d love to hear your involvement with their movement. God did some amazing things back then. . . still doing amazing things today! I know lots of people who wish they could be discipled daily by the likes of Ian and others, and truth is, we can but we have to seek the Lord on our own daily as well. Thank you for your kind words! Hope to talk more in the near future. . .

Pearls: “I’m a little afraid to begin writing about those days; afraid what I write will turn into a monstrosity requiring its own website or something, sort of like Dave McGowan’s tales of Laurel Canyon. My children (in their mid to early 30s now) have often talked about writing novels about some of their experiences during those times, of Christian school adventures, and witnessing the tension between freedom in CHRIST, and compulsive religious behavior exhibited by the grownups around them. I wasn’t in your grandfather’s “stream” (I think that’s what we called the different groups). I was involved in a church in Bowling Green, Ohio that reported to Paul Petrie who was a part of the Bob Mumford branch. Our original pastor happened to be the brother of the current governor of Virginia (think about that one for a minute). We indeed experienced some wonders, and some very rich blessings. But I have wondered whether the group was infiltrated by the illum — or maybe I should write, to what extent it was infiltrated, though I always enjoyed and felt good about teachings from your grandfather, Derek Prince, Bob Mumford (I love his little book from a few years ago, Dr. Frankenstein and World Systems). I suppose the teacher from those days I continued to listen to the longest was Mahesh Chavda, who was a Derek Prince disciple. I’m not sure though, what to think of his having joined the Knights of Malta with Rick Joyner (or so I heard). How much significance does one attach to such things? Can WE successfully infiltrate THEM, as they have infiltrated us all these years (Fritz Springmeier has a great vid about how the church has been infiltrated by the illum)? When the movement ended, the church where I found myself turned, for direction, to Rousas Rushdoony and his version of reconstructionist theology — a long way from the healing / miracle faith which we had originally embraced. Somehow much of the Christian stream in which we found ourselves seemed to flow right into Papa Bush’s vision for the thousand points of light, and we thought that meant we were finally going to get SCOTUSs that would reverse Roe v Wade (seriously). The timing of that change from miracle faith to TULIP faith had a rather tragic impact on my family, as my first husband found himself ill with cancer in 1991. Unaware that our elders no longer officially believed in the miraculous, we went to a prophetic conference where Mahesh Chavda was ministering, and my late husband received prayer for healing, at which time he was “slain in the Spirit” or “fell under the power” or whatever the preferred reference is these days. The elders at our church, rather than being supportive of his seeking healing, called him before them to ask him how he could justify his experience of falling under the power based on Scripture. As I’m sure you are aware, there are many, many times Biblical characters had that experience, but, under duress, being ill with a brain tumor, he was unable to think of any. Any shred of faith he had for the possibility of his healing was pretty much ripped from him. I haven’t revisited those events for some time. Those were dark days, Brother. Yes, I have forgiven those elders, but I can’t help but wonder how much of what happened in those times was random, and how much was a part of a sinister plan: were we infiltrated; by whom; to what end? My late husband died in 1992. And then began the saga of my ten years as a single mother. In case you are wondering, heck no, I couldn’t stay at that church. The relationships cemented in the discipleship days remained a strong influence, and breaking away was difficult. But at a certain point I knew I needed to, not only for my survival, but to honor whom I knew GOD had called me to be; and whom HE had called my children to be. The longest church stint I’ve done since that time is about five years, and I’ve had some more near escapes while barely holding onto my identity in CHRIST. Now my husband and I have a few friends over once a week for dinner, and to discuss a very broad range of topics including information from Ian Clayton and Corey Goode (and speculation on where Jason Westerfield may be now), seeking together for the straight and narrow path that leads us to the very broad horizons prepared for us. I did love my formative days in the discipleship movement. I loved learning about the prophetic, and I loved getting a glimpse of what apostolic ministry could mean for the CHURCH. The love of those five men (with the possible exception of Charles Simpson whom I never felt that good about, but whom you may know to be a true champion of the faith) was deep and comforting. What young person doesn’t want to be on the “cutting edge”? 😉 And we were told and believed we were. I am not sure if that is TMI, or NEI (not enough information). I will be glad to write you more if you like (and I’d like to hear your theories on the degree to which churches / movements have been infiltrated), though I suppose I would prefer email rather than this public forum. I am very encouraged to hear your message; I’m very encouraged to learn you are struggling to find truth in CHRIST that is relevant to input of ideas that have had somewhat less exposure. How do we share truth without terrifying people? Maybe people need to be somewhat terrified. I mourned for two months when I realized our gov was complicit in the 911 tragedy. But, hey, if we are soon offered free energy I suppose that might go a long way toward easing the pain of the burden of disclosure of long-hidden truth.”

My response: “Thank you for sharing this information, I’m so excited to hear this and briefly I’d like to say I’m expecting more people with this opinion to come forward regarding the possible infiltration of the movement.  It happened again recently in the group I was in recently “The Family” and it seems the devil is always in this business of infiltrating and subverting churches and spiritual movements.  Any of us can pull a Jason Westerfield and as my grandfather used to say, “Except for the grace of God, so go I.”  In any case the show must go on!  I spoke with someone from Lansing Michigan who went through both movements (and 2 more) and definitely feel that these experiences are invaluable.  God doesn’t just call us to join a movement or a group, even if that group is cutting edge at the time.  We are called to stand up and be sons and daughters walking in His Spirit every day, and it’s always easier to just follow someone else.  However I like the idea of working together and “shepherding” to some extent in the sense that Jesus did with His disciples, serving them rather than lording it over people.  I’m excited to see what else you would like to share and if you have any more you’d like to write, please do so~ I have this Warriors Without Borders blog which is a communal blog exploring these kinds of topics.  If you like you can become an editor and share any thoughts you have on Covenant or other movements (like the Ian Clayton-related Mystic circles) there!  Praise God for Christians like you who never give up!  Let’s fight the war to the finish with Jesus!  Blessings,

Michael Basham


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