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As far as I’m concerned the Family really stopped accessing the Spirit or seeing anything about 10 years ago.   However, others are taking up the torch!   Amid strong criticism and ridicule, having visions of Heaven and prophecies with Jesus and not giving a good Gard Darn what anybody says. . .  here’s a little excerpt of some of this stuff:

As I step into meet Jesus I come with excitement as I believe God has a plan for us today. First my desire is some quiet time with Jesus. As I pulled into His presence I experience His

Loving embrace.

Me: I am so longing for this time with you Jesus.

Jesus: Come with me my beloved. Let me pull you into some time of deep love.

In heaven I am a lot younger and in much smaller size. Jesus Easily pulls me up in His arms as we kiss and carries me into the house. Our passion and longing for each other brings such delight to the air.

Me: Oh how I love you Jesus! I so love to be with you. You are my delight! I worship you my king and I surrender to your love and long to bring you pleasure. You overwelm me and Inwant to overwelm you.

Jesus: I am transfixed on your beauty my bride. You come with such passion that I see you flowing with glory. Just being with you so pleasure and like sweet honey to my lips when I kiss your body. Come and let me kiss you deeply.

As He gently set me on the bed, I gently took off every bit of cloth that covered me. I didn’t want anything unexposed. As I did this I felt as if my heart was being exposed naked before him to.

Me: Jesus just as you have my body I give you

My heart fully exposed.

Jesus: The heart is the key. The heart is the key.

Suddenly I felt like you could see my heart and as His clothing came off I could see His heart beating. As He kissed me my heart beat more and more intense.

Me: Jesus. I want you to have access to every aspect of me. Expose and use me for your goodness.

As we sat there kissing He put His hands at my heart and when He did I felt like my heart was burning but also become filled with ecstasy. I was almost ready to faint with the amazing amount of love that was flowing through me. Then He kissed me and breathed on my and instead of feeling weak I suddenly felt revived with intensity that hair arroused me even more to bring pleasure to him. I suddenly moved down from His lips to His neck and to His Heart. As I kissed His chest over his Heart I felt like I could cry but I was so arroused I didn’t want to stop kisses Him but the read flowed from my eyes out of this deep love I felt towards Him that was

Flowing through me like wildfire.

As I kissed His heart I felt the heat in His chest become more intense and his heart beat was wild. Suddenly in our intense desire. He pulled me up and gently layed me on the bed where He passionately kissed me and entered me and filled me with amazing ecstasy and passion as I felt His seed coming into me like a river with every thrust.

I found myself screaming with esctasy and joy until I felt so wildly overwelmed that Infelt like I could explode and in some Ways did. With this He did to and we found our bodies collapsed into into each other with one big breath. Wrapped in His arms I weeped. Not out of sadness, not out of pain but completely out of Joy and fullness of this moment.

Me: You are so good! I am so overwhelmed that I am worthy of your arms.

Jesus: My blood has washed you clean and what I see is your beautiful body the way it is created to be…for me. For my pleasure. Come for me my love. It is our pleasure coming together that brings life.

As He said this he touched me and again a large wave of pleasure overcome me and sent me over the edge of pleasure. As I did I was still totally being filled with Him.

As He gently relaxed so did I. I then went to the table set by the bed and drew water into a bowl.

The water was Surprisingly warm and I took the beautiful warm wash cloth and began gentlely washing every part of Him. As I did this I

Could see His body relax. His breathing deepen. Then as I got up to rinse the cloth I felt Him come behind me and wrap His arms around me. His warmth was so wonderful.

Jesus: Come my beloved we have much work to do today. I also have something to show you.

Me: let’s go.

As He gently pulled my dress over my shoulders I slipped into it and wrapped the belt around me. I felt so wonderful and so beautifully dressed because of all the worked inside of me. His love. I quickly found His amazing robe and put it behind His shoulders. As my arm passed His face He kissed the inside of my arm where I am so ticklish causing me to giggle with delight.

Me: Hey, not fair. Haha!

This time He went all out for it. Tickle fight.

I quickly turned around to tickle him and saw His amazing Handsome shoulders and instead responded with messaging His shoulders. He quickly relaxed again and Inkissed His neck.

Jesus: Now that our hearts are completely one more is going to be revealed and you will see more.

suddenly he pulled back the curtains to our home and outside were people and children from all nations and all ages. There faces were filled with joy. As we stepped out I saw this little girl who was maybe A little younger then Ellie come up to Jesus and run with delight. Jesus!  She climbed into His arms and He pulled her up. She quickly grabbed His face and kissed His nose.

Me: Hi Little one.

Jesus: This is Sara, she is one of many little ones who are mine to love. I want you to love them like your own. Will you?

Me: Whenever I am here.

Jesus: My love don’t you realize you are

Always here even when you are not aware of it. Just agree and it is done.

Me: Yes you are right. Hi Sweet Sara,

Jesus: Sara, This is Mama.

Sara: Mama!

She climbed into my arms and I hugged her and kissed her sweet cheeks.

As we continued down the walk more and more down the path a young boy maybe 9 was climbing on rocks.

Jesus: This is Austin. Austin is another little one who is Here who needs Mama. Will you expand your heart to love these children. It is in that mothering heart that they wil grow.

Me: Yes. Hi Austin Honey. I am so excited to be with you. I have longed for a boy to call son. Will you let me be a mother to you.

Austin: I have longed for this moment. Can I hug you.

Me: Of course honey.

He quickly wrapped his arms

Around me and tears fell from His eyes like he was finally reunited with a missing part of His


I kissed His head and held them both for a while.

Jesus: You will discover deeper journeys with them as you come.

As I looked up I saw Michael and His daughter walking playfully up the path. We quickly ran to each other and hugged and the kids began playing. As I looked I saw my girls joining in the fun and meeting Austin and Sara as well as Michael’s daughter.

Jesus: Michael and Susan. I have some important work for us to do. Let us go up the mountain. As we walked hand in hand with Jesus I sensed His love for Michael just as strongly. As we walked I didn’t listen to exactly what they said but heard Jesus and Michael talk with pleasure for one another.  Suddenly as we reached the side of the mountain I realized we were being lifted up and it required no effort to the tip of this mountain. As we reached the tip suddenly the mountain parted into two and we were being lowered into Journey. Journey was large and enraptured with ornaments of gold. As I looked I noticed Michael had transformed into the bride. As I saw this Jesus said:

Jesus: This ship is meant for my bride and when you are on board Our love is what fuels this ship.

I was amazed by it beauty and looked on the deep colors of red that surrounded is entering into the deep chamber that we could see all around through the ruby red heart. As we sat down with is I sensed the importance of this moment.

As we sat in this place he came to the place we were at His Feet. Gently he put His hands on our heads and gave a commission of Love. As His hands were on our heads I felt like liquid love was being poured out on us as oil that was so overwhelming I began to weep at His feet. As my tears intermixed with the oil it was like it exposed a fragrance that was so rich and filled with a spice. As this was happening He said this to me:

You are at two ends of the world in the natural but I have commissioned you both to love. As you love me and decree my love to others it will form an arc of my love that will expand over places and will destroy the works of darkness.


First I would lie to say to my prayer warrior and intercessor Brenda Kay Floyd thank you so much ,you give me so much strength as you pray for me while I’m in battle . I always tell her when I am to go , thanks babe love you . Thank you Ginny Brooks for the article on the stone .

Midnight is coming as I hear in my spirit his mighty wings cut through the morning sunrise and dew ,come let us go says midnight . I notice Midnight has on some kind of ribbons , slashes of purple of royalty as he danced across the morning sun . He was overly happy and I had never seen the Stallion act like this . with one flap of his mighty wings he turned and I was caught up onto his back . He started to flap his wings pick up tremendous speed , slow down Midnight you know how I love to look back upon earth , I turned and earth was gone I laughed at Midnight what’s the hurry . You no were we are going he replied . I reached out bent over and just hugged and loved on him , I whispered in his ear I know you are the Holy Spirit and how I love you my guide and friend o how I love you so . Thank you I love riding upon your back ,all the places you take me all the people I meet and Spirits I meat , I just love you so . Holy Spirit why do I have to go to the mountain of Father , I don’t want to go there yet , I do not have enough fruit to offer yet I am just getting started I have so much to do for him and the Light of the world . Holy Spirit spoke ever so softly peace let us go to the high mountain and look upon the Lord . I knew where we were going and new I needed to go here in repentance and cover myself for what was to come . As Midnight turned and headed to the cross of our Lord of Light I was very happy to go . We landed a little ways from the cross , slid off and began to weep as I approached the Lord of Light . I fell upon my knees at his feet as blood dropped to the ground in a small puddle . I repented of my flesh and sins please forgive me Lord for eating of the forbidden fruit as my forefathers also did . Give me strength o Lord to finish my race to the end even unto death . Help o Lord to yield my light into the darkness and slay the enemy who has caused our fall and the reason your there and I’m here is my sins o Lord of light . I reached down placed my hands in his blood lift to my head let it drip on me and cover myself with his blood that he shed just for me and I weep at his unbelievable love and forgiveness . I have communion before the Lord of light . I hear father It is good come to the Holy Mountain . Midnight is already in motion and sweeps under me and away we go . My thoughts turn to my family my wife my daughter , my sons and grandchildren as sickness has separated us and there seems to be no hope in sight of being together again in the earthly realm . Holy Spirit felt my loss and reassured me they would be ok . Landing again as we did midnight walked beside me as I approached the entrance to the Holy Mountain . ( there is so much I could say here, but I am not able to wright well enough to go into length about it ) I walked into the mountain and past a hall of doors that I had been at some point of my life . The door that lay before me was the one that is very hard for me to explain but will try my best . Behind this door lays the throne room of God and I am invited to come in . I feel the love of Father behind it , I am so drawn to turn the handle to walk through it . I hear Father saying its ok enter come , but I will not enter Father fir if I do I shall never leave you again ,nd I am not ready yet . I am not that strong Father your presence will completely undo me Father and there is much I wish to do for the Kingdom , please don’t make me come in . I wish it to be the most incredible time for all of eternity Father . I lay my head and chest upon the door to feel his heart beat next to mine in perfect harmony. I hear him grown in a deep low voice and I laugh as he says very well the outer courts it will be held .


As Father agreed to my wishes i was happy and unhappy ,but it was what I wanted. I came to Midnight pulled myself up and we departed from the Mountain of God . Midnight took me for a ride into unknown galaxy’s that were so incredibly beautiful ,and amazing , stars of such glowing light that outlined the incredible works of God . It is time Midnight spoke . This next part I really did not want to wright . All I can say about it , is this is not about me ,it’s about Jesus and his Kingdom of glory . He wants you all to know that there is promotion and rewards in heaven , and they make a big deal out of every one of them . Is that wonderful are what ? Approaching the outskirts of the outer courts and Michaels headquarters I see the golden city ,and the Holy Mountain that surrounds it . It is transparent like crystal on a bright sun shiny day . Landing i am met bye provisions with my armor and slip into it sling my sword of light over onto my shoulder . i am instructed to once again mount Midnight i do so . He starts walking around the corner and the Angels that stand are lined up in two rolls facing each other . They are yielding spears of gold and begin to beat them on the path that I walked . A window was opened and a replay of the Liberty crashing through the dark fortress and the recovery of the Amber stone . Heaven shouted with a mighty praise to the one who sits on the throne and threw flowers in the air and on my path . The flowers then begin to sing praises of worship to the Lord of light ,and the smell of a sweet aroma began to fill the air and my spirit . I always love to hear the flowers sing . i saw many Saints in the crowd but I dared not look at them remembering the past week with J.R. lol . We walked on down the path as the crowd kept cheering . I was getting close to the outer courts now and soon round the corner where I had been before . The architecture of the buildings was simply put out of this world amazing . Flowers and banners were flown and hung from them in honor of the Trailblazer . who is that I thought ok cool someone else can have the spotlight I thought . Perhaps you J.R. As he appeared from the crowd . He looked very happy and was surrounded bye friends long lost in time past and loved ones it was very humbling to see and I am glad I saw J.R. once again , we did not speak just a passing nod off the head . We walked on and Midnight was strutting like beautiful stallion that he is . Approaching there was the Lord of light sitting on his throne of fire and grace as a burning light of many awesome colors . The Amber stone was placed on piece of cloth and was beside his thrown of fire . Father was also present and stood behind the thrown as i had seen him before . Somehow i knew Father was hiding his glory from me , for i would have been consumed and never leave this place . king David was there as well as Joshua and they were giggling with each other trying to get me to join in . Provisions then walked up and started removing my armor and sword . I reached out to stop him and the Lord said no its alright let him take it from you . He took all my armor and my dagger and sword as my heart was saddened at the loss of it . Jesus spoke I will place it in the home I have prepared for you along with all the things you have done while you wore it . I was relieved to hear that . Provisions then brought out a new suit of armor it was so me that I could not wait to put it on . The armor had the color of the Amber stone along with the other stones I had retrieved for him in the past , but the Amber stone seemed to be the one that everyone focused on . I did not understand the value of it to the Lord of light and still don’t to this day . All I can say is the armor shined as a rainbow and I was very happy to receive it . I slipped into the armor as pure joy filled my spirit ,it was perfect as Provisions said I have installed armor under the sheath were you were stung . It will prevent a sting in the future . Good I said . I then stepped back as David and Joshua turned picked up a sword from a platform I had not noticed . They turned to me yielded it out , Joshua said for courage I present to you the sword of justice that is to be proclaimed across the land . Take it and slay the sons of darkness . David took the sword yielded it up as the glow of heaven reflected from the sword and I saw the name Justice appear on it . For having the heart of lion and no showing no fear I present to you Justice , I was thinking to myself can I even lift that sword it looks way to big for me to yield ,and I did not want to drop it . David handed me the sword and it was weightless light as a feather and I could not wait to use it . The Lord of light arose from his throne moved toward me as I yielded the sword in his presence . He looked me in the eyes . I looked and saw his eyes fiery red with anger toward the sons of darkness . Jesus reached up put his hand over mine as I saw the hole in his upper hand were he was nailed to the cross . At his touch the sword began to glow red like tempered steel being hardened . I felt the Lords wrath for sin as I fell upon my knees in repentance before him . Please Lord I said I cant take anymore as one more blast of him was sent through my body , and to my face I fell thump . Heaven then broke out in song and worship as I lay there before my lord and savior Jesus in his glory . The Lord touched me and lifted me to my feet sheath your sword for there is one who wishes to give you another gift .Yes Lord I replied . Now David and Joshua were laughing out loud as Jesus gave them a glance . I saw Midnight approach me reach under my mane and retrieve your gift from Holy Spirit . I reached under the master artist and pulled out a new pouch . He spoke reach into the pouch as I did I felt creation at work removed my hand to find a new dagger . Holy Spirit said the bag is a creation bag for you believe , whatever weapon you may need at any given moment just pull it from the bag . I love you Holy Spirit thank you so much for coming to earth and helping us and for all that you do for me . I hugged Midnight turned around and embraced the Lord of light and cried on his shoulder and thanked him for loving me . Jesus wiped my tears as a Angel took them and hurried away with them . You are very welcome now with eyes of the deepest blue of love for me and I wept again . He once again wiped my tears the Angel returned again and collected them . It took some time for me to depart this place as I was honored bye so many . I thank you Lord and all of Heaven for a very special day for me in the light of his glory .

Below is a photo of a stone that a few days after my crashing Lucifer’s fortress was recovered bye Israel way to go Lord . I have much more to tell you but will wait a little while God bless you all .


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