Friends Walking in heaven together part 01

Below is a compilation of Susan, Michael, and Tony’s journeys to heaven. The way we have stepped into this is while one person is seeing this by faith and recording it down, it gives the other people an opportunity to read and frame it for themselves. The first part is MysticMama Storm’s time description discription of the Home God gave her in heaven, then the third part is Michael’s description of his time exploring MamaSueSue’s home in heaven.

First Part from MamaSueSue: Gifts

Jesus I take your hand and step through. Jesus I want to learn how to help my friends if that is what you have for me. May we walk together. As I said this you put your arm out for me and gently escorted me toward our favorite place to walk.

Jesus: Let’s just walk together first. I have given you something that has been the center of who you are and what gives you this heart of love. I have deep keys that are these priceless jewels for your friends. They are both found in the same place we were the day we started this deeper walk of intimacy. If you are ready we can go there.

Me: I still have not unwrap the clear understanding of the heart ruby you have given me but I believe it has to do with my destiny as since you have done this our walk has become so close and I believe it was the start of a new part of my journey with you.

(Just as a note: Last year in my time of traveling to Eden, we were walking in the river and the Lord brought up this large heart shaped Ruby and actually placed it in my womb in the encounter)
Jesus: I cannot reveal every detail but the truth is in the womb. You are a mother and a mother to many. This is my heart for those children. It is heavy because it is my longing it is clear because it gives you vision and it is red because it changes the way you see them. Now I have something for Michael but His will not come the same way. Call Him as I will bring him to where we are.

Me: Michael, hey brother come and join us here.

As I said this I saw a door open and Michael came through holding Jesus hand. As He did I saw Him dressed like a warrior but yet very comfortable too. His garments were deep blue and almost reminded me of something a Chinese warrior would wear under their armor. As He came in He embraced Jesus. As He did their whole body grew bright with the power of their love for each other.

Me: Michael! So good to be here with you.

I embraced Michael as this was the first time I could finally hug him. It was like seeing a brother I have finally got to see in person for the first time. As I did Jesus came around us and said, I have another person who is coming to join us. It was Tony. As Tony came none of us were expecting it but it was an awesome surprise. We turned around there was Tony long beard and awesome armor looking like he just came out of a big battle.

Me: Tony! Haha! Good to see you!

We all embraced him! As I did I felt like there was a joy in being together as God’s joy was so contagious and His glory was so strong. As we hugged each other we became more and more filled with God’s glory and joy.

Jesus: So you want to tell them why we are here?

Me: Haha! Yup, So I asked Papa if I could bring you to the place where I go because there is something special that Papa, Jesus, and I have to give you. I almost felt like it was more from them but…

Jesus: This gift for you is a powerful weapon and mandate and although it is from Heaven it is something we have created together for you out of Love and deep honor for each of you as brother and sisters in Christ.

With that, we walked arm and arm through the woods and the river to where Papa was in Eden. As I stepped through the Mountain. To where Papa was I came like a child again to His and Jumped up for a hug and a kiss.

Papa: Haha! You are in for a treat my children. Come and sit with me.

As we did he brought us to the edge of the river. As we walked a became older again but I remained with my hand in hand and then say along the river bed. As we did I went and sat and Papa took my hand and lead me into the water.

Papa: Are you ready to create this. (In a whisper) So what is it that we are creating first?

Me: I keep seeing a butterfly. It is deep blue and has yellow and gold in its wings.

Papa: Take your hands in mine and just follow me.

As I did He took my hands into the water until we were completely under but I was completely at peace and we pulled up from the bed of the river deep rich stones made of blue and yellow and gold that shined so bright in the light of Papa. As I put this in my hand he pressed His hands around mine and we came up.

Papa: Speak to it Susan. Your words will change it.

Me: Form the shape of a butterfly.

As I held it, it was like heat that didn’t burn filled my hand and caused these precious pieces to come together and become as one. As I opened my hand I discovered the most beauitful butterfly made from these precious items. As I brought it up from the water I new immediately this was for Michael. I placed it in Michaels Hands and gently wrapped His hands around it.

Papa: This butterfly is for you Michael. It is beautiful and strong but it represents new life and a journey. This butterfly in your hand is only partially done.

Michael: What do I do with this.

Papa: Speak Life to it. This is what I have put in your mouth words that being life.

Michael: Come alive!

As Michael spoke Papa had his hand around His and as Michael spoke somethings happened that was amazing. It came to life and landed on His nose.

As this happened Tears came to my eyes realizing that something powerful just happened.

Jesus: This gift will not just fly away. This butterfly’s name is journey. It will lead you and bring confirmation of our journey.

As the Butterfly flew I put my hand up
And it landed and I looked and then it gently flew to Jesus. We giggled with delight of this amazing new life.

Suddenly excitement filled me as it was time again. This time I came into the river and Papa pulled something from deep within the earth but yet in the river. It was like gold but it was one fire and then I pulled out a deep red ruby that I had seen before. It was like a red sphere but as I pulled it out Papa came to me and said, this part I need to deal with. As I handed Him the Ruby he took the golden fire and caused it to almost melt into the Ruby. As it did it became like crackled glass but we new it was stronger then that. But as it came to center of this sphere of Red it was like it ignited the red and the entire thing became like a light and fire the glowed so bright it was hard to look at.

Papa handed it to me and said.

Papa: Susan, now it is your turn to speak destiny over this gift.

Me: Tony, God has given you something that may only look like the size of your hand but it has the power to light the darkest place and also blind the enemy. He had given you the words to create light within it by speaking to it. If you need it to blind your enemy just speak to it. If you need it to see just speak to it.

Jesus: That is only part of it. Suddenly Jesus spoke to the Father and created what looked like a long staff and at the top was a place for this sphere and it was surrounded by wings that looked like something from an arch but it held the sphere snug.

As we sat in awe of what had just happened I felt so good to see Him create and we began to worship them as Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Papa sat with us.
Suddenly it was like we Were pulled up into the stars and could see Everything. As we did I could see these precious gifts come to life as Journey began to fly and Tony’s light became bright and its light was focused on the direction we were traveling. As I looked I realized something was happening. As I looked down I began to see something coming together it was just like a outline like it wasn’t complete but it was an outline of a large ship. As I looked I could see the beauty of it. It was only a beginning but I enjoyed seeing what He was beginning in me. It was gold and the top had a ruby red heart that was like the center of the ship. I sensed this was the chambers of the ship. As I looked I could see that it formed an Arc. Justice and Mercy were arcing on each end of the ship.

It caused a great electricity to build above that would move us in what look like a sail but it was more like a golden sail that brought movement. I notice the detail but felt like it was not ready to go into.

Me: Jesus, what is this?

Jesus: This is something new.

Papa: I am doing something new will you trust

Me it to reveal more. We will create more in the future.

Michael and Tony and I looked at it but realized it was hidden in a deep place that was hidden from the enemies eyes.

Justice: There are parts of what is required for this ship to be created that will have to be taken from a well that the church hidden. As time moves one this will be revealed and great authority will

Need to be given to destroy the boundaries that have hidden this well.

Me: As He said this I saw the well and realized it was the Mother’s authority that has been crushed inside the church. I still don’t understand but Holy Spirit direct me in how to deal with this principality that had taken hold in my community as well as our world.

Jesus: You are seeing it as it

Is being revealed. We will deal with it in the coming days. Tony and Michael, there is a key that the enemy has stolen and Susan needs your help to bring it to unlock these wells. I will reveal the battle as it is needed. Do you accept these assignments?

Me: Yes.

At this point I gently embraced the guys and thanked them for coming.

me: Michael and Tony, thank you for coming with me and I speak rest and healing over your body’s and I believe that God will begin changing time to expand things so what took a long time will happen in what seems like no time. Love ya guys and bless you.

Jesus: Come let us go and rest now.

We quickly returned to heaven and ended up back in the woods towards my home. As We stepped into the clearing we saw the fire and a gentle place to sit look out beyond the fire to the water and a sky that was so clear it was like looking into the eyes of papa. As we rested Angels came with food that caused us to find deep strength and healing in every bite.


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