Spirit Wars 9-11 by Tony Floyd 

​lots going on!  This was copied from Tony’s fb with permission, as of now still unedited but will get around to it later!


As we approached the dark fortress of Lucifer in the second heaven I noticed that demons were repairing the fortress were Blade and I had in the past done great damage to it in a past spirit war . I aimed the mighty Liberty right at what I thought may be Lucifer’s throne . As I did Liberty yelled no commander no . Brace for impact I said out loud in a very demanding voice . Anger was filling me now righteous anger . There was no way I was going to pull the Liberty out of my intended target . Something was screaming out inside that fortress to me and I had to know what . Bam impact was made and the demons that were working were flung into space . I pushed the light source weapon and the glory shined inside the this evil fortress and I heard demons screaming from the glow of the light  ,Boom out the other side of the main chamber we flew throwing pieces of rubble all about . At that moment I did not care for my own life I was hell bent on confronting Lucifer and his demons . I turned Liberty toward their docks and ordered the Angels to prepare for battle . I checked over my armor one more time and all seemed well with it . But I noticed that for the first time the warring  Angels would not go with me . I had no time to figure out why as I commanded Liberty to take the controls and land on the dock . She said in a very strong voice no commander you cant do this alone . Just land her on the docks keep the glory light on and I will be right back . I leaped from the Liberty down to evil ground rolled once came to my feet and drew the sword of light and ran toward the opening that I knew would lead to the throne of the Prince of darkness . As great fear came up and out of darkness I raised my shield  and fear bounced off it and hit a hoard of demons that were headed my way , they let out a scream and flew across the docks and landed in the light of his glory and were taking out of the battle by Zeb and the Angels that stand . I could feel the love that Zeb has for me but he was not allowed to engage the battle .  Another hoard of demons came running toward me with black swords and spears . I remembered Joshua and his sword had grown as he mowed down a hoard of the sons of darkness with one blow .I commanded my sword to grow swung it toward the demons waist high as I went to one knee and it caught the hole hoard of demons off guard and cut them in half, taking them out of the battle . I turned sharply to the right pulled out my leg sling and hurled it at another battalion of demons with spheres it grew as it flew about knee high across the docks and wrapped around their knees  as they screamed and fell to the floor as the sling continued around them until they were completely wrapped and taken out of the battle . Not seeing anymore of my welcoming party , I turned my focus to the chamber and ran with great speed toward it . As I entered the dark corridor I saw Lucifer sitting on a foul dark throne he arose , pointed at me and said attack . He was as foul as I had seen him before head of a goat with horns that wrapped around his head as a ram . Wait I said to myself what is he wearing ? Lucifer had on a breast plate with precious stones . It was a praise garment he had stolen from heaven as he was booted out . I remembered the story of his fall that Gabriel had told me  .I noticed that some of the stones were gone and knew right then what the stones were that Zeb and the 24 special forces Angels and I had taken in 2014. I said to myself well I’m going to take another . I then heard Holy Spirit say to me take the Amber stone . Lucifer in one move flew toward me as I raised my shield to wart off attacks of pure fear and they were hitting demons all about . I remembered again King David saying anticipate his next move I pulled out my small spirit dagger bent over as he flew over me , I reached up just when he was over me jabbed the dagger .into and under the breastplate  and popped out the precious amber stone and placed into the pouch I carry in the spirit . Woosh Lucifer was out of the building . And I was glad he did not engage me for he was much more powerful then me , but got the stone did he not know I got it .  I heard a voice scream out in the Darkness Help me grandpa help another loud scream I pulled my sword held it up for light and ran in the direction in which I heard the scream . I came around the  piece  of rubble that had fell as I crashed through the evil fortress in the Liberty . I looked and saw Amber my granddaughter . (I better post this now computer messing up )


One thought on “Spirit Wars 9-11 by Tony Floyd 

  1. Wow! Hallelujah!!! It reminds me of a dream I had this September 30th…We had fasted the last m-f of this past week. On that Monday I dreamed at 8:46 that a man dressed in a royal blue dress shirt and navy blue dress pants was walking barefoot in a desert and staggering not drunk but weak and dying…on my right side the Holy Spirit beckoned me to keep going to the right and guiding me out of the desert and said,”Don’t look that way, it’s ok now”, like all of that desert experience was over. Now that was a personal word for me but also for the body of Christ as at 9am each Monday I’m on an international intercession prayer call.. On that Friday; I dreamed of a mass of light consuming darkness like a sky scene of the Heavenlies. Then these verses were playing on my computer as I awakened from the vision.. Job 40:9,
    Exodus 6:6, Psa. 44:3,Exodus 15:16, Psa. 89: 10, 13, 21, Psa. 98:1, Isaiah 52:10 In Jesus’ Mighty Name…rApostle Marie B interpreted the dream: Going to the right is, authority and passing through a desert is passing and overcoming the kingdom of darkness which is tied to the Marin kingdom of satan; it’s connected to the mason, jezebel, and serpentine, and occult, divination, and witchcraft dominions of satan. SO, that was great news! God is giving His people over the kingdom of darkness; but we must do our part.Fasting and praying; worshiping and praising…Our war tools.
    Oh, Apostle Marie also received: Marin Occult cease! in an interpretations of tongues I gave of her tongues prayer during the first 10 minutes of the prayer call.
    It’s 9-11am Mondays 404-341-9520 should anyone be lead by the Spirit to join us,
    All are welcomed; Canada, France, Germany, US, Austrailia are on…

    jewel southern
    “the dreamer”


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