SpiritWars Episode 000000001

SpiritWars Episode 000000001
 The first of millions of SpiritWars broadcasts. . . Tonight, I, Michael Basham, was joined by one Ginny Brooks. . .  to go into realms undiscovered by most mortal kin.   Join us IF YOU DARE!Thanks to all who made this possible!   Producer Rick and Mentor Johnny!   Love to all ye brethren out there who join in the first ride.   There will be more to come!  . . .And the excited thing is this could go anywhere because Jesus goes EVERYWHERE.


2 thoughts on “SpiritWars Episode 000000001

  1. Wow! I am about to check out your new radio show. I am very excited for you. It happened so suddenly I did not expect you to be on the air so quickly. I guess God moves quick when he wants to move and it certainly happened speedily in your case; a very powerful testimony. Stay faithful and I am sure God can put you on as many TV and radio programs that Hal Lindsey is on. You have a lot to offer and I hope God continues to expand your ministry.

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