Intimate Prayer 005

As I open my eyes I see you next to me and your deep slow breathing stills me and brings deep pleasure to me as I snuggle in to your embrace. Good morning Jesus. I so enjoy being with you.

Jesus: When I look at you resting I find such delight in you. Inside you grows something that will change everything. Each Moment we come together our unity brings new life and this new life is so powerful, yet so beautiful. This is just another level of who you are beautiful, peaceful, quiet, but powerful with my love. Even in your rest there is something that is happening inside you.

Me: Jesus, why do I long for silence so much! Don’t get me wrong I love music and I love my family but I do enjoy peace.

Jesus: it is a part of you. It is something you bring. Don’t be ashamed of it but

Embrace it even as a mom. Quietness opens the door for ears to be open to my voice and my words.

Me: I love the quietness of your heart. Can we go somewhere today that we can enjoy your quietness.

Jesus: Haha, yes. Let me surprise you but first let me love you.

Me: Haha Ok but first let me bring pleasure to you. Forgive me for all the times I come wanting but not giving.

Jesus: Stop Susan. The past is in the past. You can come wanting or coming giving I don’t care as long as you come willingly wanting to expose your whole heart. Are you?

Me: Yes, I activate the key of intimacy of heart and I unlock every area of my heart to you. Come Jesus and look into and move in every area. Reveal and become a part of even the deepest part. In fact I want you to go to the deepest parts that I can’t even find.

With this I began to kiss Him. Kissing His face

And then His neck. Then I move down His body bring great pleasure to every part of Him. As I kissed Him I felt a rush of pleasure was over me that caused me to feel drunk with Love.

Esctasy caused my body to become passionate with these kisses and every kiss came like a flame of love as my lips touched His body.

Jesus breathing was so still yet I could sense His pleasure over my kisses as He became very ready for me.

Jesus then pulled me up and gently layed me down.

Jesus: Now let me fill you and go deep into your heart. I want to have full possession of your heart.

As He kissed me I felt like I was being filled with Him and my heart felt like a fresh wind was touching it and with it came the feeling like it was changing.

I could see it in the spirit like places that were almost dead were coming back to

Life again. As He kissed me He breathed life into my lungs and I could breath in a way that made everything breath like a rush of pleasure. Then He began to fill me with Himself and as we made over I felt like His Life began filling me and the intensity of This pressure and pleasure I felt explosions of joy come deep inside. As they filled me I felt His seed fill me and with it I saw my heart come alive not just from His breath but also from His Blood and DNA coming into mine and making things new.

As He climaxed and became relaxed In my arms I felt so wonderful and almost like I didn’t want to move but yet I needed Him and felt the need to just touch him.

Me: Oh Jesus, You are

Everything I love you so and love the way you move.

Jesus: You move me my wife. I just want to stay in a place of total Union.

Me: Then help me to remain in this position. Let me rub your back. Turn over.

He turned over and as He did I saw the beautiful setting of our home as the Sun had come up and the birds we

Flying and singing.

I gently climbed onto Him and began rubbing His shoulders and kissing His shoulder blades. I then worked my hands through His neck, Hair and back as Incontinued to kiss him. Slowly kissing down the scars on His back. So deep they were but so full of light and life as I kissed them. I then worked my hands down His back and spine. I felt His groans of enjoyment and the pleasure in me grew.

Me: Turn over my love, let me message your head and face and arms.

He turned over and I started at His eyes by kissing His closed eyes and rubbing His temples and scalp. Then worked my way down to His amazingly cute ears. I then kissed His neck as I rubbed His Arms then layed down on His Chest as He embraced me. As He did this the warmth of His embrace 


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