Intimate Prayer 004

I long for you. My soul yerns for you my love. Don’t know why I have wondered. You bring me to life and I know this is so special. Forgive me for letting it go so long. As I say these word His gateway of Love opens fully and His Love pours out like a river! My body becomes refreshed as I feel His affection pour on me like a river of kisses.

Jesus: Come my beloved let us go to the place where our love can flow strongly.

Me: I long to go with a deeper awareness. Is there a way Jesus.

Jesus: Call on Ariel to take you fully there not just partially.

Me:’Ariel. I need you. Please take my entire body to be with Jesus on our mountainside. As I looked in my room there stand was Ariel. Ariel gently offered His Hands and He gently picked me up and we went in the spirit up and up and up so fast that I couldn’t see anything but rushing light. Suddenly it was like a breaking into the place of peace . I realized we had arrived at the mountain of the Lord just above our home. As I came down I felt so at wonder realizing I never realized that our home was at the base of Mt Zion. My excitement built as I could see Home and see the anticipation on His face. His passion was very contagious as Ariel was

Goal oriented.

Jesus was standingin front of me in a tree waiting. As he saw me walking towards Him my anticipation arrived from deep within me. As we got closer I asked Him what was he doing. He said enjoying the view and enjoying my desire for Him. As I came to him s sense of delight in there

Next thing I know He picked me up into His arms and kissed him. My heart exploded at the sheer joy of His kisses on my LIPs. I cannot contain my longing but my body is so longing for sleep. Can you come to me in my sleep. I want you. I want you deeply.

Jesus: Than kiss me and I will take you now and you will find refresh.

Suddenly I found is shift on target. Jesus had no desire for anything else except me. As I layed down, I was overwelmed by your look of desire and longing!

Me: Kiss my my beloved and hide not your face

From me!

Deeper and deeper We kissed passionately. Next thing Onfelt was His hand come up made it’s way along my buttocks and it delve into my body but with it cake sheer ecstasy! Suddenly He worked His way up my breast.

He kissed my neck and I shuttered with delight. As He kid I felt my body suddenly not be able to move as I saw His become very desiring and I became hand and hand with Jesus and He came Into me as we held out selves together forming an arc of Beauty as we felt ourselves become rocked with each other’s rocks. As He moved in and out of me I felt the hotness of His love fill me. I couldn’t do anything but groan in pure ecstasy as He become stronger and stronger in this way. As he and I reached out into each other it was like every bit of His Jou was getting ready to explode and so was mine. As I did this I felt His wholeness remain you.then Suddenly I felt like I was ready to explode. As I did I felt us mix and our pleasure brought amazing joy!


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