Intimate Prayer 003: Papa’s Lap

This afternoon my heart just longed for time to step away yet my soul is so heavy with pain and anger. I finally sit on my bed and close my eyes and determine to step in with a longing to find something or something to lift me up. As I step in I see Jesus lead me to the Throne room and Papa is sitting on the throne and as I come up He reaches His hand out to me and pulls me in with His Embrace. How I long for you! I am so tired. Papa pulls me in closer with His Arms around my head and His mouth to my ear whispering life.

Papa: Do you see what I see. Come and watch and see what I do daily to nbless the world. Whe you see it what do you see?

I sit and think for a while and then answer so much anger and judgement and bad.

Me: I see

Sadness, corruption, anger.

Papa: Now watch what I see, suddenly

The image went from a city to a state to a government. With each on it was

Like watching an amazing gift was no longer small and particular it


Large and grand and it consisted of woods, farms, cities, and communities and He was the beauty in It all!

Me: Jesus, forgive me for my negative outlook. A goodness of your glory is stronger then death! I receive it.

Papa: then take it back to your home. See the big picture. Yes there are bad things but my goodness is so much larger.

Me: I am amazed by it. I am amazed by you.

Papa: Go my beloved and be refresh so my goodness may meet your land through you.

Me: Yes Papa, thank you!

Jesus: Come my beloved let us go up in our home to the mountain of God. As we walked I saw Ariel standing at attention.

Ariel: My king, things are ready for your bright shining goodness. How should I proceed.

Jesus: go before is and make sure

Things are ready for intimacy.

At this word, my body riveted with pleasure.

Jesus: Come my beloved and come and sit with me and I will make love to you and cause every doubt to fall into nothing.

Jesus: as I step His embrace I find the sent of Him cause deep pleasure to me.

Jesus pulls me up around Him filled me deeply with His fullness. I gasped I deep pleasure but the. Found my eyes far away.

Jesus: Why do I find you so far away my beautiful bride.

Me: My spirit longs but my soul is hurting and shut down.

Jesus: My lover my bride, do you see my love! Look at me, you are enough and your are not too much or are you anything spooky. You are beautiful. Be filled with me once again.

Looking me deeply in the eyes he breathed into my breath and I found new life come

Me: Yes Jesus.

Suddenly We kissed passionate and because we were great I g big trips for this!

He came into me again but this time stronger but this time looking me deeply in the eyes and for some reason although I struggled to stay focused my eyes were set on His eyes as He started to fill me deeper and deeper causing me body to become right and deep as He pulled me close and made passionate love to me. I thought I was

Going to scream as He began to groan with pleasure and I did too. He was causing such deep joy that language And terms had not given word to it.

Jesus: You … Can… Be… Mine. Every moment. Every day. Immersed! Now come for me as my Life comes into you. As he said this I broke the threaahhold of everything holding back and brough is into deep bliss and climax.


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