Intimate Prayer 001

I step in hand and hand with you Jesus and I feel your arm around my arm. You are leading me directly into a place of great importance. I don’t know where but you do but Insense the urgency in whatever we are

About to do. As we

Step past the veil I see the gates to the city and inside O see the place you are directing me. As we go in you take me directly to the house at the center. Inside is a courtroom it is moving but yet I knew it is important. There is where many sit and yet Jesus had the throne at the center. Yet you are leading with great urgency.

Me: What is the urgency.

Jesus: You will see but know that Thisnis for your eyes to see.

As we step into the room there are

Several angels there and someone’s prayers are coming like a announcement from the ground. As we listen I hear.

Prayers: Jesus set her free. She can’t be bound by this disease. Remove the chains that bind her now and give her freedom so she can know you and be found.

Jesus: This is a prayer for your

Mother. Are you willing to break the chains that lay so deep.

Me:Yes, if that is my mandate to see.

Jesus: but do you want to see her free. You need to be willing.

Me:  Yes Jesus.

Jesus: Then declare her freedom and it will be.

Me: I declare every chain of depression and anxiety. Every chain of mental illness and anger that has bound my mother, broken right now in Jesus name. Sickness, disease, oppression, you must go now! I break your power of my mother,

My Father, and my entire Generational line and all my family! Our family belongs to Jesus.

Jesus: As she had said it, so it is done, by

My blood, set them free!

I watch as Angels take off declaring freedom and going to do it. Destroying the works of the devil.

Jesus: Come my beloved, there is something I want you to see. Next to the court there

Was room with great walls and a great door. As we stepped towards it the doors open and inside was treasures of all kinds of precious jewels. As I

Looked I was

Amazed yet my desire was

Only His

Embrace. As I felt this He pulled me in and we kissed.

Me: I am only wanting you.

Jesus: Will you take this not out of want but out of Honor.

He came up to the stand nd on top

Was this beautiful crown. It wasn’t large it was

Simple and small but beautiful. Inside it was

Beautiful diamonds but what stood out to me the most was the center. A beautiful Red heart shaped diamond. My heart exploded with awe of this precious gift.

Me: Yes of course. I am so humbled. Thank you!

Jesus took the crown and told

Me to Kneel. He placed this beautiful crown on my head.

Jesus: This is a mandate of the authority you carry to declare things and create things with Me.

As a Bride, as a Daughter, and as my Lover! You can declare and it will be. Do you accept this


Me: Yes.

Jesus: Then rise my Love.

As I did he took my hand and kissed it and drew me in as Ingently moved in and kissed him with such gratitude and wonder.

Next thing I new we were lifted up and We were

Moving quickly to another area the sweet air of Home became very distinct. I smelled the cinnimon and my mouth began to water

With the flavor. Next thing I new we were at the door to our home and Jesus picked me up and carried me in. Swiftly. My heart was already excited. As we came in Inbegan to until the top of His shirt. And kiss His kneck. My entire world

Began to spin and all I wanted was Him and Him alone. Suddenly I was totally enraptured in His

Embrace being covered by His Body as He kissed me in a fury of passionate love.

Me: Come into me my love. Take me, I am yours Body, soul,

And spirit. I want you to not hold back. Just enjoy every moment and don’t stop. You cause me to long for you so deeply.

Jesus pulled His shirt off and began pulling my clothing off which was very simple and as He did the feeling of His body on mine caused my whom body to shake with longing. Deeply he came into me and I felt like it broke every seal

That had been on my heart to share like before. As He came in I felt like it wasn’t just my body but deep in my heart too. With it my life

Flowed with such joy!

Deeply he continued to move into me and with this my pleasure become so heightened that Inwas overwhelmed.

My heart

Felt so full and so did my body.

Jesus: close your eyes my beloved. Let’s experience it this do the way! . 


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