The David Brandt Berg (Moses David) and John Alexander Dowie (Elijah) Mo Letter ministries. Understanding the prophetic cycles of the last century

When one observes the ministries of John Alexander Dowie and David Brandt Berg they are extremely alike. John Dowie was not a churchy person and was missionary focused as opposed to church building focused just like David Brandt Berg. Dowie traveled the world like Berg and set up ministry bases. Dowie preached the gospel and exercised his healing and miracles gifts. After Dowie finished his missionary work in certain countries he would close down his headquarters and move to the next country; this is very similar to the operation of the Children of God.


David Berg

John Dowie

John Dowie

Another similarity between Berg and Dowie was their communication methods. David Berg communicated with potential and current followers with letters known as Mo letters. In these letters Berg used his gift of prophecy to discuss things such as the mark of the beast. In a dream it was revealed to Berg that the mark would be a implantable microchip and this is presently coming to pass. Dowie communicated to his followers using the leaves of healing letters (similar to Berg’s Mo letters) which discussed the gospel and divine healing; the letters explained how Dowie was using the gift of healing from the Holy Ghost to heal all kinds of diseases and sicknesses. It seems both men were genuinely called by God and were given a different gift from the Holy Spirit to fulfill their ministries. Dowies gift was beyond shocking as his ministry often shut down hospitals all over the city he was preaching in; as nobody needed the hospitals as they were being healed at Dowies meetings. Regardless of your sickness if he laid hands on you; you would be healed. Nothing has ever been seen like it since the book of Acts in the Bible. Dowies ministry attracted the sick and diseased and they were ALL healed, his ministry literally blew up and there were often lines around the corner of people wanting to hear him speak. It was a definite revival in his time and it was fueled by the gift of healing and miracles and many were saved and healed. David Berg also experienced a similar but different revival in his ministry. Berg’s gift of prophecy and passion for the gospel triggered a Jesus youth movement in the United States that later spread around the world. Thousands of drug induced hippies made a decision for Jesus Christ through the ministry of David Berg, and Berg’s gift of prophecy definitely played a major part in this movement. Just like Dowie it was Berg’s spiritual gift that helped him fulfill his ministry. Berg’s Mo letters often contained descriptions of prophetic dreamd and visions while Dowies letters contained testimonies of healing.

Below I have compiled pictures of the leaves of healing letters by John Dowie and I have also included pictures from David Berg’s Mo letters. As you can see their ministries were very similar and involved cartoons and illustrations to convey their message. Its interesting to note that David Berg’s mother was also a healing evangelist, and I think as we approach the last days a new revival will involve a hybrid John Dowie and David Berg movement. This last days revival movement will involve a prophetic anointing that will convey truth (correct end time rapture/apocalypse doctrine as demonstrated by Berg) and a healing/miracle anointing as seen in Dowies ministry. I think both Dowie and Berg played key roles in the gospel message getting out into the world, and I see many similarities in these men. Check out Dowie and Berg’s letters below.

John Dowie leaves of healing letter illustrations


David Brandt Berg Mo letter illustrations

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God bless and thanks for reading.


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