Mark of the beast evolution is entering the next stage

Shocked to see a new development of the mark of the beast today at a restaurant

Reptilian Dimension

Today I went to a restaurant where I purchase my usual meal. After you collect your meal from the kitchen you are then required to wait in line to pay for it at the cashier booth. While I was waiting in line to pay for my meal I noticed a man and his son in front of me, I then watched in shock as the man paid for his meal with a watch he was wearing on his wrist. He pressed his watch on the VISA paywave scanner which used the microchip in his wrist watch to debit the money from his bank account. He was paying for his dinner with a credit card chip embedded in his wrist watch! I was literally shocked and stunned when I observed this spectacle. I then initiated a conversation with this man and asked him about his watch, and he explained it was…

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