Mystic Ephesians by Ginny

It was the Purpose of Him according to the Counsel of His Will that predestined Us.

  We have a predestination, destined to be the Praise of His Glory both ways in time, forward forever and backwards. His omnipotence had no beginning or end; neither do we carry a respective to time. Hope is a substance that let’s the Light in.  When we heard the word of truth, our salvation, we were sealed with the Holy Spirit and His kiss.  The Spirit brings the balance in our vision and a song in our steps to navigate without stumbling backwards- that place of death in our trespasses, for He took it for us in Golgotha.

The Spirit is always there to comfort us back into the Loving arms of the Bride-groom, how close he awaits always for his child,his Bride, friend, and Beloved to return. He sees us without the blemishes of our past and the traumas we have endured .. If only we could see ourselves the way He does. A true way, not falsely humble about his affections for Us, or the way of the poverty spirit.  Dark we say, but Lovely he sees. Then we are reminded with one touch of His Presence how beloved we truly are.  Lord, if we could sustain this embrace forever, the knowledge of your heart for us and the intimacy you desire!

   He enlightened our hearts, and now we can see the glorious Hope we were called to!  We are working far above all rule, and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is named not just in this age but also the one that is to come! There is no demon, entity, principality that can withstand a Bride/Son/Daughter that knows the Hope of his calling! A calling In Him! How could they withstand authority that has always been, an ever-present continuing love affair from the heart of the Father!  Who gave us a heavenly place, inheriting the Kingdom, and treasures new and old!  Daily we put on the new self, being renewed in Spirit and in mind, after  righteousness and holiness. We take every thought captive and baptise it in truth, how will it hold up! The truth rises and the falsehoods are exposed when light is shone upon it from the face of Christ Himself.   Awake O sleeper, and arise from the dead ways, mindsets, troubles long ago, And Christ will shine on you!  Pray at all times in Spirit, and also that words may be given to me, an ambassador yoked to the Spirit of the Living God! Proclaiming words that produce Life-the mystery of the glorious Gospel!


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