Two Family International (TFI) keys of the Kingdom revealed & Michael Basham’s recent Keys of the Kingdom video

In the past I have had some genuine communications from the Holy Spirit about The Family International (TFI), Karen Zerby and David Brandt Berg. The Lord basically confirmed to me that he had raised up this group and its leaders as the end time church. The communications from the Holy Spirit were communicated to me whilst asleep in bed in visions and dreams.

“For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction.” (Job 33:14-16)

Dreams and visions while in a state of sleep are fundamental and Biblical methods God uses to communicate to his people. Missionary Michael Basham also regularly hears from God through dreams and visions and he documents these incidents regularly. David Brandt Berg (Moses David) who was the founder of TFI, built his entire organizations teachings on dreams and visions he received from the Holy Ghost. We are at a point now where God is talking to multiple people through dreams and visions, and I think many people (Michael Basham, myself and many others) are being used to share various truths they are receiving from God in dreams.

In the past I have discussed how God showed me in a vision that one of the keys of the Kingdom was the key of Spirit helpers. When people call on the keys of spirit helpers angels will materialize in physical form to assist that person. I have discussed this key in a previous article.

The second key of the kingdom the Lord showed me recently was a martial arts key. Maybe the Lord showed me this as he wanted me to tell people about this because I have a background in martial arts, and the Lord Himself and others have taught me a lot about martial arts. Martial arts is mainly demonic and if you participate in most types of martial arts you will pick up a demon of some kind. The only spiritually clean martial arts are: western kickboxing, boxing and wrestling. All other martial arts were developed in various oriental temples where monks received the techniques from demons. If as a Christian you train in: boxing, kickboxing and wrestling, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, you will also develop other techniques as the Lord will help you become a dominant martial artist through his power. I can also see the Holy Spirit taking control of your faculties to dominate as a fighter and martial artist, but if your are involved in other types of martial arts this may not be possible because you have demons attached to you. Most martial arts are a form of witchcraft because the master you bow down to is possessed by demons, and is passing on down knowledge obtained from demons.

The martial arts kingdom key could be used to defend yourself from attackers and the Antichrists army. With the devil sending terrorists to attack Western countries with machetes and knives, I can definitely see this martial arts key being used by Christians to defend themselves and to be a witness to God’s glory and protection.

I am not sure why God has spoken to me a lot about TFI as I am not a member, but maybe because I am a supporter and advocate of TFI the Holy Spirit is ministering to me about this group. I think anyone who supports TFI will have access to the keys of the kingdom and other spiritual gifts the Lord has reserved for TFI.

It should be noted that immediately after publishing this article I saw a video on Michael Basham’s channel called “Original Keys of the Kingdom revealed.” Coincidence? Or is God trying to tell his people something. Below is Michael Basham’s recent video about the Keys of the Kingdom.


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