How I preached about the mark of the beast in Starbucks coffee shop today

It was a normal evening for me today, I went to my usual Starbucks coffee shop to get my usual coffee. As I waited in line to receive my drink, I saw a pretty young woman scanning her iphone on the VISA pay-wave scanner; this woman was paying for her coffee using the microchip in her iphone. As I observed this woman using her iphone as a credit card microchip I said to her, “Excuse me, are you using your iphone to pay for your coffee?” She replied, “Yes I am.” I then said to her, “They are going to put that microchip in your hand or forehead next and its called the mark of the beast.” The woman then looked at me like I was some crazy person and said, “Oh…” I didn’t push the issue any further but I had certainly sown a seed of truth into this womans life and probably told her something she never heard before. I felt this was an opportunity to get the truth of the Bible out there. When I got home I prayed for this young woman and that God would lead her to the truth about the mark of the beast, and open her eyes to the truth in scripture about this issue. Although at the time the woman may have thought my comments were the ramblings of a crazy person, I know God will lead her to more truths about this issue after I briefly discussed this issue with her. God could lead her to a booklet or pamphlet that explains the mark of the beast and its relationship to scripture, and she may see it and think, “Hey some guy told me about that at Starbucks, I might read this book to find out about his views.” Our job is to sow the seeds and water them through prayer, and God will give us the increase as we do our part and let God do his part. In an oblivious society where people have no idea of the prophecies being fulfilled around them, and where people see the end of the world approaching, but don’t understand the implications and Bible; we can be there to point out the truth to them.

I often hear other Christians say, “One day I am going to be preaching on a stage at a church and God is going to raise me up one day.” The truth is, there is opportunities to preach Gods word everyday. I started preaching the Bible on a street corner in front of a supermarket some years ago, and although that ministry has come to an end we saw many saved and Gods truth got out. Nowadays I preach in a more low key way but results are still produced. I mainly hand out tracts now and engage in conversation/friendship evangelism; reaching out to people wherever opportunities arise. My preaching at Starbucks today was short, but Gods truth got out and the word of God was sown into the lives of others. Opportunities to preach Gods word come daily and we just need to take the opportunity to act on them when they arise. God can use you in any situation and I thank God that God was able to use me at Starbucks today.

To read more about the mark of the beast please read my article on this topic.


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