Possible future vision for The Family International (TFI), Karen Zerby, Michael Basham and others

tfirevival1I have had a number of visions, thoughts impressions recently which may or may not be prophetic. I don’t claim to be a prophet or a mouthpiece for God, but sometimes I do get strong impressions and visions that sometimes prove to be correct. I have really had a number of strong feelings about: TFI, Michael Basham, Karen Zerby and Christianity in recent times and feel led to discuss these issues.

A current TFI member contacted me recently and stated that he had received a “back to the beginning prophecy” about TFI in recent times. This ‘back to the beginning prophecy” insinuated that TFI would go back to it’s roots to revive itself and to move in a similar way that it did during it’s inception. TFI was born under the leadership of David Brandt Berg (Moses David) and Berg was the son of a prominent healing evangelist (Virginia Brandt Berg). Virginia preached regularly in churches where she had a healing ministry which involved laying hands on the sick and healing them. You could probably say that Virginia Brandt Berg had a similar ministry to Benny Hinn. David Brandt Berg recieved most of his evangelism training from Fred Jordan (a prominent TV evangelist and the Benny Hinn of his time). Berg could be described as Fred Jordan’s protege and often preached on his TV show. Berg also represented Fred Jordan at various events. Those who are familiar with the Benny Hinn TV show would be familiar with Steve Brock; Steven Brock is Benny Hinn’s second in command and often interviews people who are healed in Jesus name at Benny Hinn’s meetings. David Brandt Berg played a similar role as Steve Brock in Fred Jordan’s ministry. Fred Jordan is known as the worlds first TV evangelist.

Televangelist Fred Jordan

Televangelist Fred Jordan

I think as TFI approaches it’s revival you are going to see it begin with televangelism and prominent televangelists. I think you will see current and new televangelists that will be sympathetic to TFI. I think theres people out there who really support TFI that are on their way to becoming prominent televangelists. I think you will see certain televangelists with major gifts of the Holy Spirit (healings/miracles) who will begin partnering with TFI. When TFI first started they were actually partnered with Fred Jordan’s TV ministry, but a leadership split caused Berg to move TFI out of Fred Jordan’s ministry. I think you will see more mature televangelists stay connected to TFI and support them in whatever direction they go in. I also think you will see prominent TFI leaders (Karen Zerby, Michael Basham, James Japan etc) appear on prominent televangelism TV programs and certain televangelists will partner with TFI. I think you will also see some of the televangelism ministries give part of their finances to TFI, this money will be used for ground level evangelism which TFI excel at. You will also see many TFI members working with prominent televangelists during healing ministry meetings, and during these healing meetings many will be healed and great miracles seen on TV. I think its possible the future TFI revival will involve a coalition of televangelists and TFI leaders. Many of these televangelists will begin supporting TFI as the Holy Spirit himself vindicates TFI in their eyes. On a personal note some years ago I had a negative view toward TFI but the Lord himself vindicated TFI, David Berg and Karen Zerby in my eyes. This was done supernaturally and I cannot deny that God has shown me that TFI is a major part of God’s end time church in my eyes. You will also see a lot of ex-members observe the miracles TFI is involved with on TV and their partnership with certain televangelists, and many of them will re-join TFI as they realize their criticism of TFI was blown out of proportion. Many TFI ex-members will realize the prophecies and teachings taught to them by TFI leadership were true, and I believe many of TFI’s ex-members and major critics will actually become major leaders in TFI. When ex-members see TFI and their coalition of televangelists healing people from major diseases and disabilities, they will realize that they were blessed to have been brought up in such a Godly and prophetic environment. Most ex-members would not have even been born if their parents weren’t in TFI, as they probably would have been aborted if their parents remained in the secular system. I think you will see a lot of ex-members cry and repent as they return to TFI. I actually conversed with an ex-member of TFI some time ago who realized he was totally wrong about attacking TFI, so I think part of this vision is already happening. Over the years I have been exposed to a number of cults and I believe many of them should be banned as they were encouraging suicide and death (Jim Jones cult, Heavens Gate cult etc), but TFI is definitely not a dangerous cult; and it’s clear they have made a major positive contribution to society over the years. TFI has been preaching the gospel in every way possible for decades and have won millions to Jesus, and David Berg’s end time prophetic teachings are the most accurate I have ever seen.


Karen Zerby

Regarding the incident which dealt a serious blow to TFI which involved Karen Zerby’s son (Ricky Rodriguez), after conversing with a member of TFI I discovered that Ricky got involved in an occult organization after leaving TFI. I also discovered some members of TFI were poisoned by Jesuit cults whilst involved in TFI and after leaving TFI. This was confirmed to me 100% The Jesuits are masters of witchcraft and control most occult organizations, so I do believe Ricky Rodriguez came under occult mind control devised by the Jesuits. I myself have come under similar mind control to Ricky Rodriguez when I was involved with Jesuits of the fourth vow. It’s my personal theory that Ricky Rodriguez was secretly given Scopolamine or a similar drug and then instructed to murder members of TFI. When your under the influence of this drug you will literally do anything your told, and you do not remember anything that happens while your under the drugs influence. Many criminal gangs use this drug by putting it in peoples drinks at night clubs, then they instruct the person to withdraw all their money from their bank account and give it to them. The drug is also used as a mind control agent by secret occult organizations and the Jesuit Order. If you took this drug, once it takes effect; if the person your with instructed you to murder every member of your family you would do it without question. Why would the Jesuits want to defame TFI and Karen Zerby by instigating such a crime? The Jesuits work directly for Satan and his demons, they are the devils apprentices masquerading as Christians in religious costumes. I have known Jesuit’s first hand and these people (the higher ups of the fourth vow and above) are beyond any evil you could imagine. They work directly for Satan and probably were instructed by demons to attack TFI on the psychological and physical plane, as demons cannot attack TFI members from a spiritual perspective as its members are covered in Jesus blood. The Jesuits are called on by Satan to attack people the devil cannot attack himself due to spiritual boundaries. It’s also interesting to note that prominent TFI member James Arendt (aka: James Japan) has started a ministry exposing the Satanic activities of the Jesuit Order. Whenever a revival and spiritual awakening of Jesus Christ has started throughout history, it has always involved exposing and fighting the Jesuit Order who have fought against Jesus Christ and His word since their inception. The Jesuit Order fought against the publishing of the King James Bible and even attempted to sabotage its contents, and they have been at the head of Satanism for centuries since their Jesuit’s (Adam Weishaupt and others) founded the Bavarian Illuminati and Ninth Circle Satanic cult. Well known Satanist Michael Aquino was exposed in Cathy O’briens book (endorsed by former FBI chief Ted Gunderson) as being trained by the Jesuit Order. I think people need to show Karen Zerby some sympathy and grace and not accuse her of being a bad person, even Ricky’s sister said she was shocked that Ricky would murder another human being and she didn’t think it was possible. The only explanation for Ricky’s actions were that drugs, spiritual warfare and mind control were involved. I think Karen Zerby has done an outstanding job as a Christian leader and as a mother, but when you become a target of the devil, he throws some pretty nasty and sophisticated curve balls at you. We live in an evil world and the devil fights dirty, and the devil’s attack against Karen Zerby’s family by targeting Ricky was a pretty hard hit. But I hope and pray Karen Zerby recover from this hit, get back up and keep fighting the devil. While I write this essay I am recovering from a major attack and it’s going to be a struggle to survive, but I believe as I continue to stay in faith I will survive and God willing I will write another article for you dear readers. I had a serious attack against me recently and am nursing wounds in my rib area and my lower stomach (but God willing my healing will spring forth speedily and I will get through this). In addition to my recent attack; just a couple of months ago I was deliberately run down by a car in an organized murder attempt, in a separate incident I was also poisoned and people were shocked I survived I’m sure. I have suffered so much pain that I often look back on my life and think that death would have been a blessing, but for some reason I am still alive and am continuing to serve the Lord and write encouraging articles whenever I can. Due to the recent attacks I have faced I also think these visions and impressions about TFI could be genuine, why would the devil be attacking me so seriously? It’s clear the devil is trying to stop me from getting positive information out to God’s people, but no matter how many cars run me over, or how much violence I suffer, I will continue to get back up and keeping fighting for God. I hope my attitude is an encouragement to Karen Zerby, Michael Basham and other TFI members to just keep fighting no matter how hard the devil hits you. Your going to get hit hard because we are literally in a war and thats just the way it is. All we can do is: keep loving others, forgiving, preaching the gospel, fighting when we need to defend ourselves and focus on God’s word, and if we get knocked down we just dust ourselves off and keep on fighting.


David Brandt Berg

If my visions and impressions of TFI and televangelism are genuine, then I do believe you will start to see a coalition of popular TV evangelists merge with TFI. This could start with certain TV evangelists befriending TV members and being convinced of David Brandt Berg’s teachings and eschatology (Berg’s eschatology is the most accurate I’ve seen). These TV evangelists would then have TFI leaders and members as guests on their shows to discuss Biblical theology and TFI history. TFI members would then assist certain TV evangelists at miracle and healing services, where the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifest through TFI members and various TV evangelists. Miracles would be well documented where doctors reports of terminal cancer or missing limbs would shown. After the healing and miracle the patient would be shown on TV as being completely cured of their affliction, and these miracles would give credibility to TFI members and TV evangelists. God would then confirm his word with signs and wonders and confirm who his true church is. At the moment small trickles of this healing and miracle power are being seen at various healing and miracle services. One evangelist I know who started preaching on a street corner was genuinely healed from serious cancer after constant prayer, and he now runs a prayer healing service at his local area. He is one of the most non-judgemental and down to earth guys I know and he just genuinely loves Jesus. He also appeared on Christian TV a while ago after he prayed for a relative who was raised from the dead. This is the kind of annointing of the Holy Ghost that Virginia Brandt Berg had during the height of her healing ministry. I think you will see these kind of TV evangelists merge with TFI in the near future and I think this is already happening. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are also operating through many TFI members at the moment. Michael Basham (a well known and outspoken member of TFI) currently operates in the gift of prophecy, and he is prophetically encouraging and instructing Christians from all denominations and backgrounds.

In conclusion I would like to state that I have a feeling and think its very possible, that your going to see a TFI and televangelist explosion in the near future. I think this explosion will bring a lot more allies to support and encourage TFI and its leadership. TFI, Karen Zerby and other TFI leaders have been ostracized and treated unfairly by other Christians in the past, but I believe those days will be coming to an end as many Christians and TV evangelists are going to be directed by God to support Karen Zerby and TFI.

Are you a former TFI member who hates TFI and it’s leaders? Don’t worry I used to have a negative view of TFI also. When you start seeing the: miracles, signs and wonders discussed in this article in relation to TFI, just remember what you were taught about the Bible and get on board with Jesus. God can forgive, restore and give second chances.

God bless and thanks for reading.

This article has not been proof read as I am a volunteer with very little time.


10 thoughts on “Possible future vision for The Family International (TFI), Karen Zerby, Michael Basham and others

  1. Awesome!! I have had such inspirations and visions!! I’m 56 even though I look 36!! LOL…My departure from the Family TFI was very positive and I’m writing and have written a novel already about the family which was offered to Amazon in their last contest for authors with original stories. Also, to Tyler Perry. Yet; I have not pursued it with fervor. I’m highly interested in being a part of sharing the life and discipleship practices of the TFI as I raised my son that wy and many times people saw the difference and even tried to have their children be around my son and have me be around their children…seriously!! It’s the TRUTH. Even the Apostles from West Africa want me to give them information of how to connect with your organization because of how I’ve served them. To God be the glory. My life has been the fruit of the TFI. Even though I’ve had many financial and relationship attacks
    I see the breakthroughs that God has wrought. Warfare vs. my marriages (a death of a spouse; another bewitched; another one bewitched). Then once I went through another personal deliverance as the type I received from TFI…I’m seeing the victories again. I have only one child which was gifted after Hannah’s prayer…and other testimonies of deliverance and healing that only God has given. My life with the TFI is something has changed my life forever!! I’ve been sharing the deeptruths site and the end-time information for at lest 15 years and the people don’t have a place to keep growing. The churches he in America are so full of witchcraft and idolatry. I’ve even had help with a prophet a few time to remove witches and warlocks from the church I served in. It’s sad how ignorant the people are. Lord help us to help them!! I’m a TFI member even though I’m outside and not underground. There are some financial breakthroughs coming forth and I ask for prayer and intercession on behalf of these miracles that God timed for this time and with certain people as well as for me to be matured and prepared to receive the financial blessings. God help me for taking so long and not wanting to be a conduit of financial blessings for the Kingdom of God. I was trying to serve as an educator and other jobs that were in my comfort zone…nonetheless. God is Sovereign…

    minister javita mckinney
    jewel southern

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  2. More on the K. Zerby comments. God bless you all for continuing in spite of the warfare and attacks. Murder, and all the other witchcraft plots are not surprising to be targeted at TFI. It’s the true family and children of God! I’m praying with you guys. Apostles David and Maria Bumptje are the real missionaries and servants of God that I have served with for the past two years. My last fellowship was apostolic and had a prophet overseer with an evangelist wife. They are still training new converts; their teaching stops at healing and not deliverance; and they have some contamination from freemasonry and idolatry which is why I left them. My current leadership; Apostle David and Marie Bumptje… serve without compromise; non salaried and full time Apostles of Christ which I met outside the TFI. I mean a serious couple who forsook all and came to know the full time service to God; in spite of persecution and all the other trials that come with serving the Lord full time. 404-434-5112 is Apostle David’s # and their prayerline 404-341-9520 is their underground healing and deliverance ministry..You’d be happy to know that my son is a prophet; seer/word of knowledge and Levite. It’s all because of the call of my life as well as the training I received from the TFI. OH…I forgot to mention I was Tf’d at the Atlanta home in Ashford/Dunwoody.(1995) A gross misunderstanding; which was God’s will as I found out that I’m a step daughter to my father who raised me and other things like; my mom was a mermaid/eastern star to my step father freemason police officer. I found out why I never “belonged” to my family. my other 3 siblings are their biological children. My mom the AKA eastern star was in adultery became pregnant by a Nigerian; my dad whom I’ve never met. I’ve been through the deliverance from marine/ Shango/leviathan and such spiritual deliverance as well as the ones from ancestry as my grandmother was Cherokee. Whew! This deliverance is a perpetual event and very powerful! My gift of healing is stronger/ gift of faith for miracles and such has been released since my deliverance from the spirits that were tormenting my life. Wow!. We indeed have a God who will deliver; doth deliver and will yet deliver!!! xoxoxox Gotta go for now.

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  3. I think the tremendous amount of positive testimonies out there about serving Jesus with TFI is a testament to the great leadership and evangelism of Karen Zerby, David Brandt Berg, Michael Basham and other TFI members. TFI is a great organization and its great to hear so much positive feedback about the group, I hope and pray we see more of its members in the community evangelizing and serving Jesus. Keep up the good work guys!


  4. wow!!! I read over this before, but I’m still thinking how to reply. . . thanks for taking time to write down your opinions and thoughts, brother! I’m very interested also to know who it was that sent you that prophecy about the Family getting back to its roots!


    • Hello! Godspeed Michael…There was a prophecy for America as well as for the Family of God back in 1994. It was in the fall during a prayer meeting after fasting from our new arrival from Puerto Rico. There had been a flood in Byamon and many of us were flown back to Miami and we separated the group between both cities. I was sent to Atlanta with others. The prophecy was written somewhere I’m certain as we had a full team of leaders. Michael and Mercy of Brasil, Bart of Oh, and Pedro and Maria,, Solomon & Peter; Zac and Melody and others came through this home. I can paraphrase only; “The Lord said that Atlanta was going to become a wheel in the middle of a wheel and a central lace for the workings of the end time influence on the US as commerce will be coming there great commerce. Then there will be masses coming to the Lord and open to the gospel like the day of the beginning of the family in Huntington Beach. The generation here is hungry and angry and seeking passionately and fiercely for something real and true….the Family’s truth will impact the Atlanta metro area so much that the world will be effected; pay attention.” ….Currently, the area is like soddom and ghomorah so to speak. Even the transvestite trend and full and body tattooing, all that was gong on during Noah’s days. Awesome time for harvesting right here and now.

      There are no churches for these people to attend; which is sad; where they can get what the Family offers in the way of truth. They’re just hanging onto the day to day opinions and lies they hear which suffice until they see it’s a lie and move onto something else.

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  5. Amen! Regarding the letter on the future of TFI. This is truly encouraging as I’ve left a church my family and I were serving of 12 years. Their doctrine stops at healing and the deliverance ministry is what most ministry leaders disregard; even the intercession and prayer and fasting. Keeping our people as babes is not a blessing and disobedience…we are to be followers of Christ as the apostles were. Oh well, I’m not going to stop. Thank God you guys have not stopped!! Just today my son brought home a young man who’s family is Muslim. We spent a hour just together and he was so unable to pray that my son finally got to see the spirit of deception that held his tongue. He even said his family would kill him if he said that prayer with me. So, he prayed with my son once I left the house to run errands; so now he’s going to be undercover at home about his conversion!! How sad. Nevertheless we will continue to feed him when he’s over and just believe; because greater is He that is in Abraham’s heart than he that is i the world and his home right now. In Jesus’ name! yep his name is Abraham. love how God is on the move…If you have any council to share regarding him please feel free! I have Anthony, my son giving him the deeptruths site and reading with him. praying!!xoxo


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