Michael Basham watches Benny Hinn hitting people with his jacket

bashamjacket1A very enjoyable and entertaining youtube video posted by Michael Basham recently. Who said following Jesus had to be boring? I have been watching the Benny Hinn TV show for years and really enjoy it. I also used to be in an evangelism group with some of Benny Hinn’s followers who preached and handed out tracts on the streets. One thing about the followers of Benny Hinn is that they are not pew warmers, these guys actually go out into the streets and share the gospel. Next time Benny Hinn holds a crusade in my area I will definitely be attending, its always a great night that gets you on fire for Jesus. Benny Hinn does sometimes hit people with his jacket so they fall to the ground, to get people hyped up for Jesus; who said religion had to be boring and rigid.

Please observe Michael Basham watching Benny Hinn hitting people with his jacket below, and you can also listen to some information and entertainment comments by Basham as he discusses the video. If your not following Michael Basham on youtube yet I encourage you do so, he is definitely an entertaining and informed guy who keeps his followers regularly updated.




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