Benny Hinn and the annointed jacket. Follow up to Michael Basham video

I recently saw Michael Basham watching Benny Hinn during a lively crusade where he was knocking people down with his jacket. I have been watching the Benny Hinn TV show for a long time, and I have even attended a Benny Hinn conference some years ago with friends. In the beginning I used to think Benny Hinn was no good and would often speak negative about him, I guess I got sucked into the negative gossip about Benny Hinn that some church people participate in. In the beginning I used to watch Benny Hinn for a bit of entertainment and even to make fun of him, but as I started to watch the Benny Hinn show God really started to speak to me through the show. I began to see the fruit of Benny Hinn’s ministry and was impressed how he helped the poor and built orphanages for children in poor areas. I also enjoyed the lively excitement and energy of Benny Hinn’s crusades and TV show, it was a lot different than what you saw at today’s churches. Whether you love or hate Benny Hinn, you can probably agree that there is never a dull moment with him. I can honestly say I have heard some of the best Bible teaching from the Benny Hinn TV show and his program has gotten me through some of my darkest days. I remember at one stage I wanted to give up on Jesus and Christianity but Benny Hinn’s TV show really kept me in the faith. I cannot see how an evil man could produce this kind of fruit in my life. Only a good tree can bring forth good fruit.

Below is an enjoyable video which Michael Basham was watching which involves Benny Hinn knocking down people with his jacket in the name of Jesus. Benny Hinn definitely holds meetings that are unlike your usual church services. Keep going strong Benny and preach the gospel! Your doing a great job! Please enjoy the below video.


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