(Vision: ) I see a beautiful spirit being! She’s not easy to describe, firstly because she’s at the core of this incredible whirlwind-a circular rushing whirl of light and energy. And secondly‚ because she seems to be in perpetual motion as well, as if spinning around within this whirlwind.
38. Her motion slows at one point-but only for a few moments-and I see her perfect beauty and form, and her long hair that is alive with energy! She seems to be in perfect harmony with this dynamic spiritual energy surrounding her. From within this whirlwind, I see her outstretched arm point in the direction of a dark pervasive force. The energy generating around and extending past the length of her arm is incredible, and whatever evil was in front of the power burst she emitted is vaporized-it completely vanished!
Styrian (pronounced Sty-REE-an) speaking: I am akin to Ellya. I am sent to bring a whirlwind of destruction to the demon Lethargy and his ilk. I am filled with good ideas that bring forth spiritual progress and which are then manifested in not just spiritual growth, but physical fruit. I am sent to agitate the demon Lethargy to destruction! I cause positive spiritual activity. I am everything which is the opposite of Lethargy, and when I fight him, he vaporizes before me. I am filled with an all-consuming power of the Spirit of God, and the demon Lethargy has no escape when confronted by me. I whirl him up in my wind of action and throw him out. I bombard him with spiritual action and he vaporizes! I am Styrian, whirlwind of positive spiritual activity. (End of message.) ( ML #3482:4 , GN 1093)
39. (Jesus:) The spiritual atmosphere around Styrian is alive with wild and free energy-energy which generates action, power, and positive forward movement. She’s an extension of My Spirit-the power that fuels and runs the universe.
40. She was created for this end of days when lethargy and complacency are lulling the world to sleep. But just as Lethargy’s power and hold has grown, I have given greater power to Styrian. Major headway must be made in the spirit when it comes to combating Lethargy’s influence, because now as the days grow darker, I desperately need My brides to be lights and witnesses to the dying world which is so in need of My words and messages of truth. Shaking off lethargy of spirit is a vital part of being one of My instant Endtime witnesses.
41. You must stir yourselves up and keep stirring yourselves up. This is the key to being strong spiritually in any area of your life. Despite Lethargy’s power and the very real grip he can have on a person’s spirit, Styrian is able to combat and overpower his hold, if-and this is a very big if-she is given your cooperation. Satan may have power and influence over the flesh, because the flesh is weak, but he has no power against My supremacy of spirit. At the best, all he can hope for is the cooperation of the flesh succumbing to lethargy, so that he obtains victory by default.
42. The key is in first activating Styrian’s help, and then following through on her personalized counsel to you in a spirit of obedience. Together-as a winning team-you can work to both preempt Lethargy and counterattack his influence in your life. She must have your cooperation‚ otherwise her power is limited. Because even if called upon, she cannot indefinitely hold back Lethargy’s influence in your life without your continued obedience. As in many matters of the spirit, human nature and the way of all flesh will dominate and prove the victor if you choose to not follow through and fight to overcome Lethargy in spirit.
43. The key lies in your personal motivation and incentive, how much you want Styrian’s help. Her name equals action. Within that whirlwind of spiritual energy that surrounds her is all this wonderful positive input, which translates into ideas and personalized instruction for anyone who wants it. But unless you follow through, that input will do you no good. Unless you obey-and continue to obey-you’ll lose momentum, and you’ll lose touch with Styrian’s power. Just like obedience‚ it’s not a one-time deal; it’s a lifetime deal.
44. In combat terms‚ you must put your eye to the scope of your weapons and target the Enemy. Mark Lethargy as going down-all the way down. You must get aggressive against the Enemy if need be, and that’s what Styrian will help you do. She gets aggressive with the Enemy, and she can teach you how to take him down.
45. It’s all about wanting to be in partnership with Styrian. Styrian is there for you-there’s no doubt about that; the question is whether or not you will be there for her and do your part to secure the victory. Styrian is the help from the spiritual realm you need. But you are the second part of Lethargy’s defeat. Simply put, Styrian + your will and commitment to overcome = Lethargy’s downfall.
46. Then, as you put feet to your faith, taking those steps of obedience‚ there is another very important step you can take: Ask for a renewed infilling of the Holy Spirit. Get together as a body in prayer and praise, with laying on of hands, and in the power of the keys call down the Holy Spirit, asking for a renewed and powerful infilling of the Spirit. Because so much of Styrian’s nature is connected to the Holy Spirit, to be in partnership with her you must be refilled with that power.
47. Don’t limit My power and My ability to give you a great infilling, the intensity of which is going to drive the spirit of Lethargy far from you! Claim this infilling-along with manifestations and signs following-and you’ll have taken the steps toward harnessing Styrian’s action-packed, positive energy and help, and releasing Lethargy’s hold on your spirit. (End of message.)
In summary:
48. Styrian was created from the Spirit of God-a whirlwind of positive spiritual energy-sent to drive back the demon Lethargy and his ilk. She is filled with good ideas-positive spiritual input and personalized counsel-on how to combat Lethargy’s grip. As we do our part-taking the continued steps of obedience necessary, asking for her help, and asking for an infilling of the Holy Spirit, Styrian will work with us in helping us to aggressively preempt, counterattack, and debilitate Lethargy and his influence in our lives. Styrian + us (the part we need to do) = Lethargy’s downfall.


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