A prophecy received by a sister recently on the Loving Jesus revelation from a very controversial song. . .

(Prophecy:) As a bride learns the ways of love and the ways to please her husband, so must My children learn of the ways to please and to love Me. I am well pleased in their service‚ in their love for Me as they go forth day by day to love others with My Love. I am well pleased with their sacrifice, their labors of love. I am so proud of My children, that they will reach out and touch the unlovely and the uncomely; that they will go forth where no man dares to go, to bring My Love and light to the lost, to the lonely, to the broken, to the war-torn, to those that weep‚ to those that are in darkness. And, yea, they bring the great light of My Love and the warmth of My Spirit to the cold and dark places. Oh, I am so proud of My children and I love them so dearly! In this they have shown Me great, great love. But now they too must learn that I desire them and their love in My bedchamber, that they too must take that time to come and lie down in My arms that I may caress and love them‚ that I may fill them, for they too need My seeds and My strength and My power. For as the dark days ahead come upon the Earth as a strong storm‚ so must these at that time know how to communicate with Me, how to hear My voice. They must learn and know how to hear the whispers of My Spirit in their ears. The way for them to learn this is to spend time with Me in the bed of love listening to Me. And they must let Me kiss them with My Words, For within the Words is great power and great strength. For within them is My voice, and within them is My Love, and within them is My strength and My power. But they must take time to let Me love them through these Words‚ to let me strengthen them through these Words.They must let Me whisper unto them Words for these days. They must hear from Me fresh day by day. They must learn to rejoice at My voice as they would rejoice at the voice of their lover, and they must take time for My caresses and My Love. My little one, I am well pleased that you are seeking Me, that you are searching for ways to woo My Love‚ and that you are learning the deeper things of the Spirit that you may instruct and teach this, My Bride, the ways of love. And how can you learn these ways unless you, too, spend time with Me? (End of prophecy.) This is in the spirit not in the flesh loving making in the heart get filled with his seeds his power word and love.


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