The Importance of Being No. 2: Don Basham

Here is a portion of a message by Papa Don Basham I recently received a request for.  I greatly recommend anyone to go and also check out Brother Ern Baxter’s teachings which I am getting a serious download (spiritually) from at the moment.  It seems many of the great teachers of the past are having their fruit show up in our present generation, when the church is in all out free fall and people are leaving the system in droves, in search of something outside of the Establishment.

I had the great pleasure of talking with a brother who runs the website Jesus Question and has both been through the Shepherding Movement and met the Children of God back in the day.   He currently works as an Anglican Priest and seems to never have let go of the original calling of God in his life.   He said to me on Skype “YOU’VE NEVER HEARD ERN BAXTER’S TEACHINGS?!   YOU’VE MISSED OUT!!”  So I got right to work, and am being blown away every day now.   People like Don Basham and Ern Baxter really recognized the need for Christians to prefer one another and to lift up Jesus above a specific denomination.


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