Michael Basham, myself and other Christian’s are having spiritual dreams about Donald Trump

Last night I had a very shocking dream that really left an impression on me. I dreamed that Islam was taking over a nation that was traditionally Christian and had religious freedom. I saw what seemed to be a terrorist attack and legions of Muslim’s armed with automatic weapons taking over city streets, I then saw Donald Trump standing on a corner and I said to him, “you tried to warn us,” and he said, “I know.” To read the full dream please click here to read the full article.

Below are videos of Michael Basham sharing his dreams about Donald Trump. Michael seems to get a very good impression of Donald Trump and the Lord seems to be showing him that Donald is a righteous and humble man. I am not saying people should worship Donald Trump, but I’m saying that we should give people an opportunity and a fair chance to prove themselves, and Donald so far seems to be a man who listens to the public. Michael Basham also had a dream where he was talking to Donald and Donald was showing him respect and humbling himself before Michael. This experience that Michael had in the dream seems to confirm what I’ve seen with Donald. Donald listens to everyone no matter how poor or what social status they are. Michael Basham also explains in a dream how he saw an angel with a scroll showing him some things about Donald.

Please consider Michael Basham’s Donald Trump dreams below.

Donald Trump has been warning that the immigration of radical Muslim’s could lead to a violent Islamic takeover of America. One shocking thing that Alex Jones from Infowars uncovered recently was that the European governments are training refugee’s on how to use sniper rifles as they enter the country. If this doesn’t convince you that something suspicious is going on then I don’t know what will. NATO has been caught red handed a number of times aiding and supplying ISIS, and when Turkish troops entered Syria, ISIS was not concerned in the least because they are working with them. Corrupt parts of the American government have also been caught by the Iraqi government supporting ISIS (Just visit Infowars.com for this information). ISIS has said that it would send it’s soldiers through the refugee program into America and other countries, and I’m sure just like the European nations, the Obama administration will arm and support terrorists in the US while pretending to be against them. God may be raising up Donald Trump to warn Christian’s about the radical Islamic threat it’s traitorous government’s are raising up against them. In the Middle East Christian’s are becoming an endangered species and they are being beheaded and killed in mass, and if you read the book of Revelation in the Bible what happens to those who don’t follow the Antichrist seems consistent with what Islam is doing to Christian’s. Pray about these dreams that Christian’s are having folks and also pray for Donald Trump.


4 thoughts on “Michael Basham, myself and other Christian’s are having spiritual dreams about Donald Trump

  1. Sometimes God gives his people dreams to expose what evil plans the enemy has. I’ll say the age old adage, ”don’t underestimate the power of prayer”.


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