Testimony from a Sister!

I’ve been wanting to speak for awhile now about some of the amazing things the Lord has been doing .. one is that I’ve been receiving physical strength to my body by reading and studying the word (The bible). It’s been incredible!

This morning we were reading Joshua and all the fascinating stories in the bible about how the Lord anointed him and the children of Israel to conquer every foe. In fact the whole story of Joshua is just incredibly victorious!!

The stories we were reading this morning were about how they won the battle of jericho by just obeying the Lords commands to march around the city and then giving a shout and how the whole city was flattened instantly!

We also read about how Joshua commanded both the moon and the sun to stand still and they obeyed him!

You know that’s an incredible thing to speak to the moon and the sun and have them obey you. Well, the lord honored his faith.

That kind of daring boldness takes great faith.
But do you know why he could have such great faith? Because he had such confidence in the lord and he had seen the lord do so many amazing miracles for them!

What’s such a shame is that the first generation spent so much time doubting and complaining even though they also saw such great miracles!

Yet they didn’t live to see these truly victorious days simply because of their lack of faith. The God of the universe was actually putting His mighty power on hold at times because of their doubts.

As soon as that generation died off a new generation arose. A faith filled generation. These guys had grown up in the wilderness yet they had so much more faith then their parents. God was waiting for this kind of faith.

When our faith meets God’s power mighty miracles are wrought such as the sun stopping for a whole day because a word was spoken by a man. A man who knew Who He was.

Gods heart was for His people from the very beginning. He wanted to do everything possible for them to get them freed from slavery, that he parted the Red Sea and gave them food and water in the desert and so much more.

But still they could not see His goodness and His faithfulness towards them.
This is sad.

You know I was thinking .. every time we doubt and every time we believe the lies the enemy sends our way we become like these people.

I bet the lord is just waiting for us to rise up in faith like Joshua and Caleb and say ‘We are well Able!’

Joshua 1 verse 3 says ‘Every place that the sole of your foot touches I have given you’.

Verse 5 says ‘ No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses SO WILL I BE WITH YOU. I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.’

This is saying that this same God who did all these wonderful miracles for His people is STILL with us. His plan for them was a GOOD plan. He was bringing them into the PROMISED LAND that He had PREPARED for them. A land flowing with milk and honey.

This is the SAME God we know and love. He is HERE for US too! He just wants us to SPEAK FAITH and NEVER DOUBT His plan for our lives. Even if it seems it’s taking longer than expected to come about. He IS making a way for us and bringing us to OUR Promised Land. We just have to TRUST Him and keep BELIEVING!!


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