A Spirit/Info Map!


Discussed recently some of the aspects of the spiritual map with a brother.  It gets pretty complex!   Do you recognise any names here?


2 thoughts on “A Spirit/Info Map!

  1. Very interesting map. I magnified the photograph and had a very good look at it all. It seems we have been on a very similar journey as I recognize a large majority of those names. Interesting to see Curry Blake’s name on the board; I have actually met Curry Blake before some years ago. James Japan is fairly well known in conspiracy research circles. Interesting that you equate the current TFI with mainstream Christianity, it seems that TFI has moved away from what they originally were. TFI were once a full time animated missionary group doing what really needs to be done (getting tracts out there) and witnessing full time. I hope tragedies and disgruntled ex-members haven’t disheartened Maria because I have spoken to some ex-members online and they regret the verbal abuse they directed towards Maria and TFI. We are in a spiritual war and demons can take a hold of people and I think that’s what happened with ex-members. I think the Ricky Rodriguez tragedy was an unfortunate case of spiritual warfare and involved outside sources brainwashing Ricky. Anyway, I think TFI should go back to what they were before the reboot, it seemed they were getting a lot more done back then and making a big difference in the community. Your certainly doing a good job Michael in getting the TFI message into the community through your blog, those Mo letters need to get out there because they contain much needed truth. I have also been to a Heidi Baker conference some time ago and she seems like a sweet lady. But as far as church goes I no longer attend church services. I hand out tracts and help disadvantaged people when I’m able, so that is my small ministry at the moment. Also interesting to see the council of 13 on there among other things. I remember reading a David Berg article some time ago (posted on your site and James Japans site) where he broke the news about the Illuminati in a Mo letter. I have got to travel to Taiwan one day and sit in one of your classes at school! Your certainly an interesting character dude! I’m sure those students enjoy your classes. Wish I had a teacher like you at my high school. LOL. Stay cool dude! Great spiritual map, we are definitely on the same wavelength.

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    • on the fly now, but quick reply — I am thankful for you intel and input dear brother, and appreciate the check as I am still on a journey myself as are we all. I am in close contact with a large variety of TFI people who feel the same way about the current leadership becoming more and more like the churches… I still honor them as the symbol for who the family was but am praying for us to get our mantles back and get back on our feet! You have stood with us brother and you have a lot of guts to go into the areas of research you’ve been doing! …to be continued


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