David Brandt Berg, radical Islam, the communists, a possible Islamic antichrist and Michael Basham’s belief that the antichrist could be a British royal

I was reading a David Brandt Berg article recently which was posted on Michael Basham’s starsword blog, and in the article Berg presented a hypothesis that the radical Muslim’s and communist’s, may be involved in the rise of the antichrist and his kingdom. I found this particular article curious and intriguing as Berg’s insights on end time events seem to be on the mark and some of his predictions have come to pass (Berg predicted the mark of the beast would be an implantable computer microchip and this is happening).

Radical Islam in Europe

Radical Islam in Europe

Below are some excerpts from the David Berg article written in 1984 about radical Islam and communism.

“We were talking about the Islamic radicals that are making threats & attacks all over the World, & I was telling you that [this person] is the head of a very radical [religious] Revolution, & the question was going through my mind, “Well, I wonder how that fits in with the Antichrist movement & with Communism being its base & all that?” And I was wondering what that might have to do with it. And just as clear as anything it came to me, “The False Prophet!”–Just like that! The Antichrist has a False Prophet!”

“WHAT A COMBO THAT WOULD MAKE TO COMBINE THIS WORLD COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, THE SECULAR REVOLUTION, WITH THE WORLD RELIGIOUS REVOLUTION OF WHICH [THIS MOVEMENT] IS NOW THE LEADING POWER & MOVING SPIRIT! I mean he’d make the perfect False Prophet for the Antichrist if they’d make a compromise Pact together, an agreement to work together.–In other words, for the anti-Christ forces to agree to work together with [these] forces & compromise in return for protection of their religion. The anti-Christs already are helping Iran against Iraq.”

“The [ACs] have virtually taken over the Catholic Church & they’re anti-Christ. And look at this maniac who has taken over Islam, & he’s anti-Christ, trying to stamp out Christianity in [his country], he’s persecuted Christians & slaughtered them, closed & burned churches & all that kind of thing!”

“SO [THIS MAN’S] FORM OF ISLAM IS DEFINITELY ANTI-CHRIST! There are many Muslims … who are much more favourable toward Christ & Christians as was Mohammed himself. But not [this man or his movement], he is fanatically anti-Christ! Well, so are the [ACs], so are the Communists, so they all just fit together nicely! They just need to make some kind of an agreement or a Pact to work together to take over the World, & I’m sure they’re working on it.” (David Brandt Berg, DO 1756 3/84, [The] Fanatical Revolution?–A Revelation! Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family)

The above predictions of David Brandt Berg in 1984 where he predicted the unification of communism and radical Islam seems to be accurate in my opinion. This seems to be another important revelation by David Berg in additional to his revelation on the implantable microchip being the mark of the beast. David Berg believed that the false prophet and antichrist would be involved in radical Islam and possibly radical Muslim’s themselves, and that the world communist movement would be united with radical Islam in their goal to take over the world for the antichrist. I was literally shocked and amazed when I read Berg’s revelations on these issues because that is exactly what is happening now.

Europe at present is being taken over by radical Islam with the support of European communists. There are massive protests going on in Europe right now against radical Islam, because native European families are now living amongst terrorists and religious extremists. The English Defense League street protest movement was founded about five years ago in England; to protest about the growing threat of Islamic extremism in the town of Luton. The head of the English Defense League had to constantly where a bullet proof vest, and was almost killed by Islamic terrorists who were intercepted by police before they could detonate bombs and fire guns at an English Defence League protest. England is bringing in millions of radical Muslim’s into their country who are uniting with communist groups such as United Against Fascism (a government funded violent communist and militant group). The entire landscape of England is changing and some towns in England are now being patrolled by radical Muslim’s enforcing Sharia (Islamic law) on people. These radical Muslim’s in England have stated that they want to see Apostates killed in accordance with Sharia law, and they want others who commit other offences against Islam punished with violence. Members of the English Defense League protested against radical Islam, because they were living among this extremism, and many residents were forced to live next door to terrorists who commited major violence in England. There are some places in England where the police are afraid to go and where non-Muslim’s are suggested not to visit. Radical Islam is now taking over large pieces of real estate in England and according to Presidential candidate Donald Trump, there are more people in England joining Isis (a radical Islamic group) than there are people joining the British army. Anyone who criticizes radical Islam in England is persecuted by the government and often put in jail (such was the case with former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson) or they are violently attacked by a communist group called United Against Fascism (UAF). The UAF is a violent communist group with government support (suggesting the British house of commons is controlled by communists), and often allows radical Islamic terrorists to speak at it’s events. The radical Muslim who beheaded an off duty British soldier on the streets of England was given a platform to speak by the UAF before he beheaded the British soldier. This is the current madness going on in Britain at the moment. The communists and radical Islam are taking over the country.

Similar things are happening in France as there are many no go zones in France where non-Muslims are suggested not to go as it’s too dangerous. These no go zones are populated by violent and extreme radical Muslim’s. However the communist’s controlling France continue to allow millions of radical Islamic refugee’s to pour into France. I recently listened to the Michael Savage radio program in America, and a Christian from Syria called into the show and stated that there are no moderate Muslim’s in Syria, and explained that the Muslim’s in Syria are killing Christian’s all over the country. It is these so-called moderate Muslim’s that are actually extremists whom the communist European governments are bringing into Europe. Are the communists bringing in these radical Muslim’s to help setup the global one world Antichrist government? I think it is definitely possible. It is definitely possible that radical Islam may play a big role in the antichrist one world government. According to former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera, the Vatican created Islam to destroy Bible based Christianity in the Middle East, so it could be possible that the Pope could convert to Islam and become a major leader in the new world government and world religion. There is now a new movement in the Christian church called Chrislam which is a watered down form of Christianity that incorporates Islamic teachings. The Pope often meets with Muslim leaders and has also been seen kissing the Koran (Islamic Bible) so it’s possible the Pope may merge the Roman Catholic Church with radical Islam. Many of the teachings in Islam are consistent with Vatican cannon law (killing apostates and those who won’t submit to you), and in the Vatican underground library it documents how Islam was created by the Vatican and that Muhammad himself was trained by Augustine Catholic monks.

President Obama was trained to be a communist at the Gamaliel foundation under the supervision of a Jesuit Priest named Greg Galuzzo, and Obama is bringing in millions of radical Muslim’s into the United States and also wants to pass laws which ban anyone criticizing Islam. Well known political commentator and musician Ted Nugent has stated a number of times that President Obama is a communist, who was well trained in communism and Marxism by Saul Alinsky communist training doctrines. President Obama learned the Alinsky communist doctrines and methods under the supervision of a Jesuit Priest. This in my opinion indicates that the Jesuit’s are the hidden power behind world communism. Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera stated that the Jesuit’s controlled communist political parties in Europe. So what you now have is a network of secret societies (Jesuit Order, Vatican Order’s,Scottish Rite Freemasonry etc) controlling world communism and working with radical Islam to take over the world for the Antichrist. David Brandt Berg has also stated that the Vatican was taken over by the communists years ago and he is absolutely correct. The Jesuit Order invented communism centuries ago when they created their reduction empire in Paraguay. A reduction is a commune where everybody is poor and small and everybody is controlled by a dictator. The tenet’s of communism were perfected in the works of Sir Thomas More’s (a Roman Catholic saint) book called Utopia. The Soviet Union honored Thomas More for his Communistic attitude toward property rights he expressed in Utopia. Sir Thomas More was also canonized as a Martyr in 1935 by Pope Pius XI. The Jesuit Order are hardcore communists who murdered their way into power in the Vatican over the centuries. In the 1700’s the Jesuit’s were excommunicated from the Vatican by a Papal bull because of their involvement in assassinations and political infiltration, however after they were banished, they founded the Illuminati through Adam Weishaupt (a Jesuit professor of Vatican cannon law) and recaptured control of the Vatican. Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera has stated that it is well known that the true ruler of the Vatican is the black Pope (Jesuit General), however the Jesuit’s now rule the Vatican both secretly (through the Jesuit General) and openly, as the current white Pope is a Jesuit. The Jesuit communists have controlled the Vatican for centuries which collaborates David Berg’s view that the communists have taken over the Vatican. The network of secret communist societies which now rule most governments of the world, are now bringing in millions of fanatical Muslim’s to Europe and other countries to help them takeover the world for the antichrist.

In 2010 radio host Michael Savage interviewed a leader of the Christian Action Network who visited Europe to investigate whether radical Islam was taking over Europe. The Christian Action Network discovered that Europe was indeed being taken over by Islam and that governments (controlled by the communists) in the US and Europe were forcing children in public school to become Muslims. In America public school children were forced to dress up as Muslims and to pray Muslim prayers. In England the government is also telling public school children that the true god is allah and Christmas is now being renamed to Winter Festival so not to offend Muslim’s. It seems that the communists controlling the governments want it’s citizens to become Muslims. Will radical Islam united with communism become the new one world religion?

Below is Michael Savages interview with the Christian Action Network

Part 1

Part 2

I also recently watched the former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson give a speech about radical Islam at the Oxford Union in England. Robinson describes how Muslim shops all over his town, had pictures of the terrorists who flew planes into the world trade centre on their walls honouring them. He also explained how his town became a breeding ground for terrorists and extremists, who were protected by the government and government funded communist group the UAF.

Below is the Tommy Robinson speech on radical Islam in the UK, and how Islam is protected by the government and its government funded communist groups.

Below is a video of radio host Michael Savage talking to a Syrian Christian who explains that none of the Muslim rebels in Syria America is supporting are moderates, he explains how they are all extremists murdering Christians. President Assad may be the only moderate in Syria as he has historically protected Christian’s in that country. However the communist trained President Obama and communist Democratic party, are backing radical Islam in Syria to overthrow a moderate government that protects Christians. It seems that David Berg’s prediction of an alliance between radical Islam and communism is coming to pass.

Well known preacher John MacCarthur also believes the antichrist and false prophet could come out of Islam, as many prophecies in the Koran are consistent with the rise of the Biblical antichrist. Below is a video of John MacCarthur explaing how the Islamic Messiah mirrors the description of the antichrist in the Bible. It is definitely an informative video worth watching.

Below is documented video evidence showing towns in England which have been radicalized by radical Muslims. Anyone who is not Muslim is harassed and verbally abused and these encounters often end in violence, there are many towns in England which mirror towns in Saudi Arabia (where by law Apostates must be put to death) and places controlled by Isis. It should also be noted that it has been confirmed by a number of sources (including Presidential candidate Donald Trump) that there are more people in England joining Isis than the British army.

Below is a video of journalist Alex Jones covering the story about Canadian school children being forced to sing an Islamic Muhammad worship song which glorifies how Islam conquered the Christians. The song was inspired by Muhammad’s return to Medina after he forced Christians to convert to Islam. The school children sang this song to welcome in Muslim refugee’s immigrating to Canada, the children also seem to be wearing t-shirts with snakes on them…I don’t think this is a coincidence, I think the communists who control the Canadian government want to conquer Christianity in Canada and they want to use the refugee’s to do this.

Michael Basham believes the antichrist could be a British Royal after having a dream indicating this. If Islam and communism unite to take over the world, then it’s quiet possible the British Royal family may convert to Islam and set up a communist and Islamic empire in Britain. Britain is already being swallowed by radical Islam and the Royal family seems to be aiding and abetting this Islamic takeover. Will a British Royal convert to radical Islam and become the Islamic/communist antichrist? I think anything is possible and if you review the above video evidence of Islam taking over Europe, I think you would agree that this hypothesis is a possibility.

In conclusion I would like to say that the predictions of David Brandt Berg (also known as Moses David) seem to be coming to pass and people shouldn’t write him off. He clearly predicted the mark of the beast being an implantable microchip, and his predictions about communism and radical Islam seem to be shockingly becoming a reality. David’s doctrine regarding the rapture also seem to be accurate as he seems to be one of the few Christian leaders who correctly preached a post-tribulation rapture (the clearly correct rapture doctrine). If you are concerned about these matters and want more information and proof that radical Islam and communist governments are taking over the world, please take the time to watch the above videos which are more than accurate and provide credible information and proof.



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