Starting and leading your own Christian ministry. A follow up to Michael Basham’s video.

Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)

Michael Basham recently made a youtube video about being a leader and how that everyone is always looking for a group or leader to follow in the Christian world. But Michael was saying that you don’t have to go and follow some person or group, but you can actually start your own ministry and be a Christian leader. There are millions of people out there who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and you as a follower of Jesus have the power to think up creative ways to get the gospel message out there.

I thought I would take the opportunity to give you practical advice on how to start up your own ministry that spreads the message of Jesus Christ. I have discovered some excellent resources over the years that can help you become a missionary and disciple of Jesus Christ.

The fist thing you need is motivation. If your motivated to fulfill the great commission and spread the message of Jesus Christ, then your already on your way to your goal. If you have issues with depression or mental health issues and your afraid of speaking to people then don’t lose heart, you can be a disciple for Jesus without even speaking to people (or just saying a few words). Everybody is capable of being an evangelist for Jesus regardless of where you are emotionally or mentally. Once you have made a decision to be an evangelist for Jesus you are ready to move onto the next step.

The second thing you need is evangelism material which usually comes in the form of tracts (a well presented pamphlet often accompanied by illustrations which explains the gospel message).

The third thing you need to do is get into the community and hand out these gospel tracts. You can go into a busy area of town and hand these out and answer peoples questions about Jesus, or if your a shy person you can just walk up to people who are sitting at a restaurant and give them a tract and say, “I thought you might find this interesting reading, have a nice day.” You can also put these tracts in peoples letterboxes. Regardless of your method, as long as you are getting these gospel tracts into the community, you are getting the gospel to the lost and people will get saved.
The fourth thing you need is prayer. Before you hand these tracts out; pray over them in Jesus name and pray that the Holy Ghost will lead people to read them.

Just by giving out the basic gospel message you will find yourself answering questions and telling people in the community what the Bible says and who Jesus is. You do not need a theological degree to do this, if you have read the Bible and have recieved Jesus Christ as your Saviour then you are qualified for this ministry. The Holy Spirit will personally guide you and equip you for this ministry.

You can get the gospel to 100 people per week for five to eight dollars a week. If five to eight dollars a week is a little much for you, you could also ask other Christian’s to sponsor you or buy tracts for you. But I think most people can afford five to eight dollars per week. There are also copyright free tracts produced by ministries such as Living Waters. Living Waters has produced a brilliant cartoon tract that can be downloaded for free and it has no copyright. Once you download the cartoon tract you can then get it printed out by a professional printer in bulk. You may also want to print your website address on the tract so people can visit your website for further information.
Below is a copy of the Living Waters cartoon gospel tract. I have also provided a link below so you can visit a webpage that allows you to download the tract. The website also gives you advice on how to get the tract printed out and prepared for physical distribution.

Below is a picture preview of the first page of the tract. If you click on the image it will take you to a website that will show you the tract in full. You can also download the tract for free from the site and then find a printing company who can print it out for you. Alternatively you can visit the Living Waters website and buy printed out tracts from them for $8 per 100 tracts (If you buy 30 packs of 100 you get them for $7 per pack).


Another fantastic resource who can provide you with gospel tracts is Chick Publications. Chick Publications produces some of the best tracts I have ever seen and many of them are created specifically for certain crowds of people. Chick’s tracts come in illustrated cartoon form and people are certain to get saved from reading these tracts. The good thing about cartoon tracts is that they get peoples attention and people read them because they are engaging. Often with cartoon tracts people don’t even realize it’s a religious or spiritual message and they just read it for entertainment. It’s been proven in studies that cartoon/comic based tracts get read which means your labor is not in vain.

Below is an example of a Chick Publications tract. The below tract is one of the best tracts I have ever seen. Click the image below to read the full tract. These tracts can be ordered from Chick Publications for 16 cents each. You can also put your contact information or the name of your ministry on the back of the tract.


As followers of Jesus we are commanded to fulfill the great commission and go out and share the gospel. When judgement day comes God is going to reward people based on their obedience to his word, have you gone out and preached the gospel to every creature. Sitting in church services is not the great commission and I’m mainly preaching to myself in this article because I spent years sitting in pews listening to sermons only to realize that I had wasted much of my life, and it was God’s desire for me to get out and share the gospel with the lost. Fellowship is important and I believe it’s important to fellowship somewhere (whether it be meetings at a building or a home fellowship), but as disciples of Jesus our main priority should be preaching and sharing the gospel to every creature. For less than $8 per week you can reach 100 lost souls a week with the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Below is a video of Michael Basham talking about Christian leadership and ministry.


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