“Foundations of U.S. on Fire” -Rick Joyner


After watching the interview with Rick Joyner concerning a dream he had, I took a moment to pray.  The dream was about the foundations of the U.S.A. burning while most people just stamped out little flames in each room without knowing the seriousness of the problem.  Instantly I remembered the vivid picture I had received the night before.

Last night I had a vivid picture of Donald Trump and the “last hope” for America.  I promptly shot a video about this sharing my thoughts.  After this I realized how seriously we need to pray for Trump, as he will be seriously ostracized by the opposition.  I had a picture of a chunk of Heaven bearing the water of life along with hosts of angels coming to protect him at my command.  Then I went home and opened the Bible to the book of James, which I suggest anyone interested in these topics go read!  In it I was instructed not to base my faith on man as well as many other things.   Go read it.

Little did I know that at the very hour I recorded the video and was reminded by the Lord to base my life and spirit on the Word and not on man, that Donald Trump was appearing on the Alex Jones Show!  This is a landmark time and there will be shock waves felt across the world.  The Illuminati controlled media is going to lose much of its sway as more people awaken.

My impression from these 3, no 4 men (Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Rick Joyner and Sid Roth) is this:  God is telling us to stand up and be leaders.  Don’t wait for politicians to do it.  Seek the Kingdom first and expect miracles, as empowered sons of God.  These are serious times and like Mr. Roth said, “I believe we’re about to have a tsunami of God’s Spirit.”

Let’s ride that wave of His Spirit and help spread the Word of God most of all!  Let’s put out those fires which will otherwise destroy what is left of Western Culture.



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