We Will Never Give In!

After showing this song to some students along with the banned anti-migrant video, I began to reflect upon my own adventures as a disciple and the friends I have fought alongside until now.  It pains me to know people from TFI and my own family that have laid aside their crowns, but seeing your comrades fall at times is a part of war.

The spiritual realms are colliding with this one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see demonic hordes similar to those seen in Lord of the Rings controlling groups like ISIS and any other Anti-Christ armies we will soon see.  Truly we are in a vicious extra-dimensional combat that is starting to impress itself upon our world!

When you make the choice to become a disciple and follow God, it’s as though you have taken on armor and weapons and gone to war.  He immediately puts you at the front lines of the Spiritual Warfare, whether you like it or not!  We’re in a war not only against ISIS but for our very civilization’s existence and survival.  Satan the King of Empires is quickly being exposed for the fraud that he has always been, and the King who will appear on the horizon is going to be the last defense for humanity.  Indeed, He has already saved us!  So let us run the race and share the Gospel before He returns.  Many of our brothers may falter in their faith, but “he that endures to the end will receive a crown of life!”



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