The hippy revolution for Jesus has already started in Australia and a call for prayer

In previous articles I have discussed and clearly shown that the modern day hippy is a raver. A raver is a person involved in the underground dance rave scene which happens around the world. The rave scene is very strong in the Netherlands, certain parts of Australia and in the US to some extent.

When The Family International (TFI) was founded their primary ministry was reaching the hippies, and many TFI members believe they have beenravepartypic called to go back to the beginning. If TFI members wish to go back to the beginning, then it’s clear they need to set their sights on the modern day hippies who are todays underground dance ravers.

The beginning of the hippy revolution for Jesus has already begun in Australia. Recently a raver was confessing Jesus Christ on a street corner after a whacky and cool street preacher shared Jesus with him. This street preacher does not get a lot of support from many people or churches and he did suffer from brain damage after almost dying in a car accident. In actual fact this street preacher told me he died and went to heaven after being in a serious car accident and Jesus sent him back to earth to share the gospel on the streets. This man has been dancing to Christian music and sharing Jesus on the streets for years, and he has been sharing Jesus with ravers and night clubbers in particular during those years. I believe this street preacher could be considered the Fred Jordan of today and is a symbol of the beginning of TFI. Even though Fred Jordan and David Brandt Berg had their differences, Fred Jordan was Berg’s original mentor and inspiration. I believe as TFI members follow the example of this street preacher and reach out to ravers with the message of Jesus, I believe something positive and miraculous will happen within TFI and in the lives of the modern hippies.

I certainly have a desire to reach out to today’s modern day hippies but I am waiting on confirmation from the Lord and an open door. I need prayer and I can assure you folks I will be praying for you also. Please pray for my health and please pray God would provide funds for this hippy outreach. I am praying that God would restore my health and provide funds and resources so that I can mobilize myself and other volunteers to reach todays hippies. I am primarily interested in seeing TFI members get involved in this ministry and I believe many of them are interested. If provided with adequate funds and resources once volunteers emerge, we can then purchase tickets to attend rave parties and acquire gospel evangelism tracts. With funds we can also bring volunteers together wherever these events are being held, and provide accommodation for volunteers so they can be near the dance event at the appropriate date. Once all volunteers are mobilized near a rave event and have appropriate accommodation, we can then proceed to the rave party and begin handing out gospel tracts and interacting with these modern day hippies. Once the event is over then the various volunteers can go back to their home nations, and keep in contact with ravers they met through social media and so forth. With the invention of the internet, it is very easy to conduct follow up after leading someone to Jesus. Some dance rave events go on for a number of days and others go on for just one evening, but there is certainly no shortage of these events and there’s some great opportunities to share your faith there.

I am hoping that as we pray God will provide funds for: airfare tickets, accommodation, gospel tracts, gospel literature and rave party tickets so that volunteers can reach these hippies. I am also praying that God will bring health to volunteers and anoint them to go forth in his name. If you would like to pray for me and this idea I thank you in advance for doing so. God bless you and thanks for reading.


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