Is Michael Basham being called to reach gang syndicate members and add a new dimension to TFI’s original hippy ministry?

Michael Basham released a video on youtube some time ago where he explained a dream he had. He had a dream about fighting a violent person and Michael won the fight. After winning the fight, this person asked Michael if he could join his group, Michael responded by saying that he did not have a church building or church, but was connected to a network of people that I assume were Christians.

In The Family International’s (TFI) beginning; David Brandt Berg, Karen Zerby and other TFI members primarily reached out to the hippies at Huntington Beach, and I assume other hippies who were involved with Woodstock drug concerts and other similar events. These hippies were the original ravers who attended psychedelic concerts and danced under the influence of various recreational drugs, and I certainly congratulate TFI for reaching this group of people as most churches could not reach them. However a big part of the hippy culture is gang syndicates who are involved in drug trafficking. If you read up on the history of the hippies; gangs such as the Hells Angels and others were very involved in distributing drugs to hippies, and they also provided security at rock concerts. This culture has not changed a bit. Today’s modern day hippy has evolved into a raver who regularly attends electronic underground dance raves; these dance rave parties are also covertly supervised by gang members and bikies, and gangs such as the Hell’s Angel’s control the drug trafficking at these events also. It seems nothing has changed in the hippy culture at all, except the music and types of drugs available.

I think God may want to reach these gang members; however it is a peculiar ministry. I have grown up with gang members for a large portion of my life, and have had friends who were involved with motorcycle gangs and other syndicates and these people are as tough as nails. I recently contacted a friend of mine (who was involved with a number of gangs and did jail time) after becoming a Christian and shared my message of Jesus with him, and I was severely verbally assaulted with words that I won’t mention here. Other gang members that I know have absolutely no heart and won’t hesitate to kill or injure someone. The only time these gang members seem to get saved and turn to Jesus is when they get shot and almost die or they get a long jail sentence. However I found Michael Basham’s dream very interesting and full of truth. Is it possible God could give Michael Basham and others supernatural strength and fighting ability so they could use it for evangelism? If a gang member got into a fight with Michael Basham and Michael beat him up, that would certainly win the gang members respect and could get him curious about Jesus Christ. If Michael did win in a fight against a gang member this would definitely create a friendship. As insane as it sounds, if you are a good fighter and beat a gang member up, many times this can make them love you. Gang members tend to admire strong people with good fighting skills and if you can prove this, this would probably open the door to ministry and get them interested in Jesus. Is this a new type of alternative ministry being shown to Michael Basham? Maybe we could call it martial arts evangelism? As unorthodox and as crazy as it sounds, as a person who has known a lot of gang members I am fairly certain this would work.

I remember a couple of guys I know did not like a particular guy at a bar and they were harassing this guy at a bar. What these guys didn’t realize is that the guy they were picking on was a well-trained boxer, and he beat them up and even broke one guys jaw. After this fight the two guys who picked on him became his best friends and they loved and respected him because of his fighting skills. They all used to go out for drinks together and hang out and became really good friends. This is how the mind of a gang member works, if you show them strength and violence they will love you and this admiration of you will lead them into God’s love and grace.

In the past God did anoint Samson to fight and defeat numerous men in battle, so God can certainly anoint people to win fights and have supernatural strength. It would be interesting to see people receive this kind of anointing to win gang members to Jesus Christ. I do not claim to interpret Michael’s dream correctly, but I did find his dream very interesting and thought I’d share some of my personal thoughts.

I am not saying Michael should jump into this type of ministry without major confirmation from God, because I believe he needs certain spiritual gifts to enter this kind of ministry. I think the dream he had may confirm this is the kind of ministry God will lead him into in the future. Throughout Biblical times God’s primary form of communication has been dreams, so if a Christian missionary like Michael is receiving these kind of dreams its clear God is trying to tell him something. This type of ministry or discussion may seem bizarre to some Christians, but if you understand gang members you will realize that this type of interaction would win them to Jesus Christ.


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