Rave dance parties are a plenteous harvest of modern day hippies waiting to be saved

I just watched a video which documented a dance rave party in Europe, and as I looked at the various people in attendance it was clear to me that these are the modern day hippies. Back in the 1960’s; David Berg, Karen Zerby and others helped lead these precious hippies to salvation in Jesus Christ. The hippies are back today and I believe they are open to the message of Jesus Christ, and I think many TFI members are very capable of sharing God’s love with these people. A visitor by the name of Abner shared a TFI prophecy with me a while ago about TFI going back to the beginning, and the beginning of TFI was about reaching the hippies. As I recalled my time in the dance rave scene I pondered and prayed as to whether the modern day raver was a modern day hippy, and I also prayed as to whether God wanted me to reach these people. As I prayed about the hippies and ravers I saw a very humble evangelist leading a raver (hippy) to Jesus, and it was not long after that this hippy actually died (he is in heaven now). This was a confirmation to me that the modern day ravers are today’s hippies and I believe it’s God’s will we reach out to them. I also believe that the TFI back to the beginning prophecy will lead TFI members to reach out to ravers. I sincerely believe that God is going to lead TFI missionaries into the dance rave scene to reach out to these people. Please pray for TFI and that God will anoint and equip TFI members for this ministry. I would also invite you to pray whether my ponderings are correct and in accordance with God’s will. If my ponderings are correct then I’m sure God will confirm this to you and lead you to evangelize to the ravers (modern day hippies) of today.

I think it’s important that people have an idea of who these modern day ravers are. Please watch the below video to get an understanding of the people God may be calling you to reach out to. These people are certainly: half crazy, drug users, fun and whacky and it’s a ministry most churches would retreat from. The evangelist I know who reached out to the ravers is half crazy himself and there’s very few ministries trying to reach these people. But I can personally see TFI having a lot of success with these people. Please check out the below video to get an understanding of today’s modern day hippy. I hope the below video gives you a vision of the people God may be sending you to. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)


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